Mtn International Roaming

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As an MTN customer using either a prepaid or postpaid line, your phone is already set up to be used abroad. Roaming service is available by default on your MTN line.
There is no monthly fee, no connection fee and no deposit required before you can roam. However, the cost for making and receiving voice calls or sending SMS while roaming abroad depends on the country you are visiting.
"MTN has partnered with various networks in many countries to offer your international roaming and the list is ever growing. Click here for FAQ

Before Travelling
  • Confirm that MTN has a roaming partner in the destination you are travelling to.
  • No activation is required to roam with your MTN line.
  • Just recharge your phone to the tune of the credit you intend using while roaming.
  • Before you travel, you will need to make sure that your phone is set properly to allow you have a seamless roaming experience. All you need to do is simply change the Network Mode on your Blackberry and Smart Phones. Blackberry Phones.
    Change Network mode to 2G&3G.
    For Data roaming, you must ensure "Data While Roaming is ON
    Smart Phones - Samsung, iPhone, Nokia etc.
    Change Network mode to GSM
    If you will be sending and receiving email from your phone, chatting on Facebook, Twitter and BBM, you might consider purchasing a Smartphone/BlackBerry device, iPhone, Samsung Phones etc. from any MTN Service Centers or Connect Stores. If you intend using GPRS (data) while roaming, check our data roaming page.

While Abroad 
Making and Receiving Calls and SMS
  • To call home from your roaming destination, simply dial the international prefix you are trying to reach (+) or (00) followed by the country code e.g. +2348031234567.
  • You can receive calls and SMS while you are roaming. If the caller is in Nigeria s/he can dial your number normally e.g. 08031234567 to call your line or send you an SMS.
  • If the caller is outside Nigeria or is also roaming, s/he has to use the international dialing format e.g. +2348031234567 when calling or sending you an SMS.
Using Your Voicemail Service
  • You can use your voicemail service while roaming and to access your voicemail, you will be required to use a PIN (Personal Identification Number). As it is not always possible to set up your voicemail PIN while you are abroad due to overseas network restrictions, ensure that you set up a PIN which is memorable before you leave Nigeria.
  • To activate your voicemail and set up password, dial 113 and follow the voice prompt.
  • Please note if you divert all calls to voicemail you will be charged with roaming rates when someone calls you.
In case of facing any problems
  • You can contact MTN Roaming Helpdesk at +234 803 101 2346 or send emails to[email protected]

Once Back
When you get back to Nigeria, make sure that you switch your phone off and then on again to connect to the MTN Nigeria network.

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