How to prepare for an update

  1. Install the Zune software on your PC. You'll need this software to download the phone update.
  2. If your battery level is low, give your phone a quick charge before starting the update. For more info, see My battery is too low to update my phone.
  3. Make some room on your phone for the update. If necessary, remove a few unwanted apps or other large items.
    To see how much space you have on your phone, on Start, flick left to the App list, tap Settings Settings icon > About and look at the number to the right of Available storage. For more info, see Making room on your phone to update it.
  4. Clear some space on your computer.
    We'll need some room to download the software update, to save a backup of your existing phone software and settings and possibly to sync media files from your phone to your computer. For more info, see Making room on your computer for phone updates.
  5. Make sure your computer has a reliable Internet connection.
    In some cases, you may need to switch from a wireless (WiFi) connection to a wired (Ethernet) connection. Or you may need to adjust your computer's firewall or proxy settings. For more info, see the Network connection problems in Windows tutorial.
  6. Verify that your phone is set to the correct date and time. That'll help us determine which updates you need. For more info, see Correcting the date and time to update your phone.

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