how to fix a bad video file .mkv

Meteorite Project is DivFix++ like program but for Matroska/MKV files.
It can repair your corrupted MKV video files to make it compatible with your player.
Also you can preview Matroska files those are already in download.

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Please support world the first & only Matroska repair tool.

Donation List
  • Elad Avron, Israel
  • George Nill, U.S.A.
  • chelanxar, Australia
  • Jan Bagge, Denmark*
  • Jan Rais, Czech Republic
  • merlin2021, U.S.A.
  • E. Douglas Jensen, ?
  • David Riehl, Germany
  • Ismaël BELATACHE, Germany
  • Nun2Small Computer Services & Web Design, Canada
  • TEN, Germany
  • Jonathan Burmester, Germany
  • Luke Clancy, Ireland
  • Norm Bolser, ?
  • Jan Janssen, Germany
  • Robert McKnight, Australia
  • Daniel Smith, ?
  • Milan Jaroš, ?
  • Andrej Schmitt,Germany

  • * He don't know what donation is and try to rule me with $5 donation.
    I return this persons money to make him shut up but he is not! :) Pity...


    • Please help to spread Meteorite for resuming development.
    • Project has a domain now. Easy to remember
    • After 2 years, I released bugfix version v0.11 Beta on 13/5/2011 that fixes "Nothing doing bug"
    • At some of windows systems (suspected on Win7), meteorite has "Nothing doing bug"
    • There is a lots of but at program. If you found one, please fill a from at tracker for make next version debugged!
    • Birthday Gift: Meteorite Source Code Released, Binaries Ahead!
    • Today 04 Dec 2009, is my Birthday! Happy birthday to me.
    • I make a new Icon for project.
    • Meteorite v0.09 Beta infected DivFix++ binaries ready( for testers. )
    • Meteorite Code Prototype fixed first MKV/Matroska stream successfuly, 19 Jun 2009.

    an0ther Pr0jects:
    wxHexEditor helps me in this project for Matroska format researching and debugging.
    SamyGO Samsung TV's firmware hack and research project.
    DivFix++ AVI Repair & Preview tool.
    I made them. Just try.

    Goto download page

    High Definition Video

       Why I made this program? Because I cannot watch files which are currently on download from p2p networks like emule,torrent.
    Also, new videos, specially in HD, high definition videos are in MKV format generally.
    You needed to fix them before watch. But unfortunatelly there was no program could fix matroska files.
    So I make this tool, just for myself than released source and binary on my birthday...
    You can repair your half downloaded MKV / Matroska videos or broken movies with it too.

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