20 Year Old Attempting To Rape 10 Year Old Girl Apprehended By Police

According to reports by the Nigerian Police Force, on the 6th of August, 2015 at about 8:30pm, police received a report that a 20 year old man named Tope Adebiyi, of Afin Street, Aisegba Ekiti allegedly lured a 10yr-old girl (name withheld) into his room at the above stated address where he then locked up the door with him and the victim alone inside the room.
According to the report, Tope attempted to have unlawful carnal knowledge of the young girl who started screaming and her shout attracted neighbours who forced the door opened and safely rescued the victim.
The suspect has been arrested and taken into custody, State CIID Ado-Ekiti for investigating.
Who are these people that rape underage girls, and why do they do these things

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