Man gets billed $153k after trying to take a selfie with a Venomous snake

This is another case of a selfie gone wrong. A San Diego man, Todd Fassler, was almost killed when he tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake that he picked up from some brush. Unsurprisingly, the snake bit him.Todd Fassler’s treatment drained the anti-venom stock at two separate California hospitals as doctors
tended to the horrific wound on his arm. Fraser reportedly picked up the rattlesnake for a selfie and is lucky to be alive after the snake it him, though with a whopping six-digit hospital bill.
Todd Fassler shared a photo of the bill with KGTV along with a video showing his right arm nearly entirely purple after enduring the toothy attack.
His statement balance of $153,161.25 is listed as due on July 27 and does not list any insurance company as attributing to the payments, at least immediately.
The largest chunk of his bill, making up approximately 54%, is attributed to “pharmacy.”

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