Learn How To Make A Slow Computer Run Faster

4 Great tips to make your computer run faster

Figuring out how to make a slow computer run faster is a real challenge. The main problem is that the computer can run so slow, that implementing some of the most commonly suggested methods of computer speedup is going to take a very, very long time. Those with truly snail-slow computers feel left out of the loop when experts start talking about all the great ways they can speed up their computers and they realize that doing any of those steps is going to take about a week at the rate by which their computer is running. It can seem like nobody really understands the dilemma, but I do, so read on.

Forget Downloads and Work Internally
Some tell you to download a bunch of software that is supposed to make slow computers run faster, but this can be a very painful process. With inching download speeds, it could be a long time before that download completes, if ever! This is not even considering the time it will take to then install the download, open the download, and let it run. What were they thinking? Those who want to learn how to make a slow computer run faster should first focus on utilizing the features that the computer already has.

Get Rid of Unwanted Files
One of the main reasons why computers start to run slower and slower is that the hard drive gets fuller and fuller and that results in less and less space available. As new security updates get released for the browser and the operating system, these require a greater amount of available disk space in order to run at peak performance. For this reason, getting rid of all the unnecessary files on the desktop and in the hard drive is one of the best pieces of advice to give those seeking how to make a slow computer run faster.

Defragmenting Is a Necessary Evil
Even in computers that seem to run great, defrag can take quite a while, depending mostly on the amount of fragmented files are found. In a slow computer, it is a process that might take a very long time, but the good news is that it does not require any extra user input or monitoring once started. So, start up the defragmenter and let the computer sit while the magic works. When you come back several hours later and the defragmentation is completed, the computer will likely be running a lot faster.

Check the Antivirus Software
Malicious files can make computers run very slow. Even if you have anti-virus software that monitors for threats automatically it is important to run scans manually. It could be that something stopped the program from running when it should or detecting what it should have detected. If malicious files are found, getting rid of them could prove to be just the solution that you needed to speed up your computer.

If all your efforts to figure out how to make a slow computer run faster still fail, it may be time to either upgrade your system or hire a professional for the job. However, many have found that these tips work very well.

How To Defragment You Computer and Make it Run Faster

Additional Tips for Making Computer Run Faster

There are many tips for making computer run faster. Before trying to implement any such tip it is important to find the reason that is causing the computer to run slow. When the system is used regularly then lots of files are copied, moved and deleted. This leaves leftover as well as fragmented files at different places. Presence or lack of antivirus software, computer infected with virus or malware, and issues related to temporary and permanent memory are some of the reasons that cause a PC to slow. Once the reason for slow performance of computer has been found then it becomes easier to use a solution and make the computer run faster.

Try another Antivirus Software
A computer that is infected with the virus starts running slow. An effective antivirus software can take care of this issue. At the same time, the computer can also run slow because of the antivirus software itself. Such a program keeps working in the background collecting lots of information like websites visited and sends the data to the software company server. If the computer is not connected to the Internet and it is being used to run only application software or to play a game then it is a good idea to turn off the antivirus software. It is important not to open during this time any file that has not passed through the antivirus software or connect any external storage disk like a pen drive that may contain infected files.

Close Unnecessary Programs
There are programs that consume very little resources but there are other programs like multimedia player and voice operated programs that require lots of resources to run. Some programs like an Internet browser consume little resources if only one or two tabs are open but require lots of resources if more than 5-10 tabs are open. By closing programs that are not needed immediately it is possible to free up the computer resources and make the computer run faster. It is one of the many tips for making computer run faster.

Memory Upgrade
Adding more RAM is one of the sure way to boost the computer speed. This is especially true if the user runs multiple programs simultaneously or runs programs that need lots of temporary memory to run properly. At the same time, before buying extra RAM it is important to check how much memory can be installed in the computer system.

Reinstalling Operating Software
After running for months, the computer's operating system software collects lots of unnecessary files. A yearly reinstall of this software is a good way to make the computer run faster. Before doing so it is very important to find important files and backup those files in a drive that will not be deleted or formatted.

These are some important tips for making computer run faster. A faster computer makes it easy to avoid wasting time waiting for a program to perform a task. All types of programs run smoothly and without any glitches. There are special programs that help scan the computer and find the problems that are causing it to run slow. General computer maintenance tools like defragmentation tool available within the operating software itself should also be used at regular intervals to help run computer faster. If these tips don't help, see our giant list of ways to make your computer run faster.

How To Upgrade Your PC Memory To Make it Run Faster

Can You Really Use Notepad To Make a Computer Run Faster?

Even More Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster

Some of those searching for how to make a computer run faster find a little trick being spread across the internet that involves using notepad. Anyone familiar with notepad realizes that it is one of the most basic programs found included in programs. There are no special features to notepad that would make anyone suspect it could be used for speeding up a PC. This makes some people think that the trick will not work, but it does. Read on to find out why.

Notepad is Not Just for Notes
Many of causal computer users know see notepad as a simplistic version of Microsoft Word. They think it is helpful for quickly jotting down a few notes, or even a longer composition, when all that fancy formatting Word offers is not needed. It is true that notepad can be used in this way, but it is actually a very vital program for website developers, software engineers, and computer programmers. For those in these occupations, notepad is a powerful program which they can use to create computer programs, HTML files, and so on. This capacity of notepad is what allows the little computer clean up trick to work.

How to Make a Computer Run Faster Using Notepad
In order to speed up your computer with notepad, all it takes is a single little line of code. First of all, if you do not know where to find notepad in Windows, click on "Start" which is the circular button at the bottom left of your screen that features the windows logo. From the menu that appears, click on "All Programs". From the list that appears, you can select "Accessories" and notepad is found within that file. Once you have notepad opened, just type the code "Mystring=(80000000)". Make certain that the code features seven zeros and does not have any spaces. Next, all you have to do is save the file as "ram.vbe". To activate the code, simply open the file. Once you have done all of this, you can delete it.

What is the "Mystring=(80000000)" Anyway?
The reason this little trick is great for those seeking how to make a computer run faster is that the code makes changes to the computer's random active memory, or RAM. This is a very effective method of restoring RAM performance. It is also very beneficial in that it is easy to implement and completely free. Plus, the "Mystring=(80000000)" code is completely safe to use, meaning the computer novice does need not worry that they are going to mess something up in their hard drive.

The Preferred Method of Computer Speed Up
Computer users whose systems are running slow are not completely helpless without professional help. If they seek out how to make a computer run faster, they will find that they have many options. There are a lot of ways to speed up computer performance, but using notepad is preferred by many. It can be used alone, or in combination with several other approaches, such as running defragmenter software, cleaning the desktop, or erasing old files.

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