Interior Decoration Tips

The decoration of the interior of a building or room, especially with regard to color combination and artistic effect. It helps subscribers get their homes/ offices beautiful



Question 1: How can I subscribe to this service?
Answer: You can subscribe to the service by sending the keyword "INTERIOR" to the shortcode 38296 i.e text INTERIOR to 38296

Question 2: What type of content will I get for the INTERIOR DECORATING PAINTS service?
Answer: A subscriber will get a text message (SMS)

Question 3: Will I get SMS notification for subscription to this service?
Answer: Yes, you will get confirmation SMS for the subscription of service whether it is successfully subscribed or not.

Question 4: What happens when my validity ends?
Answer: The service is renewed daily

Terms and Conditions

If you do not have enough balance for the service each day, you would not receive the content.

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