etisalat telecommunications engineering postgraduate programme (ETEPP)

the etisalat telecommunications engineering postgraduate programme is a flagship corporate & social responsibility (CSR) initiative of etisalat Nigeria, launched on the 16th of May 2013.
the program, a first of its kind in West Africa, is a one-year taught master’s course in telecommunications engineering located in ahmadu bello university (ABU) zaria. in instituting this, we have collaborated with plymouth university UK, etisalat academy, UAE; and huawei technologies. to ensure a holistic and practical learning experience, huawei provided the equipment in the etisalat sponsored laboratory, and the etisalat academy, UAE and plymouth university are providing tutelage on technical courses specific to the telecommunications sector.
our commitment includes the provision of access to world class e-resources for the programme, sponsorship of lecturers of ABU to undertake PHDs at plymouth university, and facilitation of internships with etisalat Nigeria for the intakes of the programme in partial fulfillment of the course requirements.
through this program, we are building expertise and local content in the area of telecommunications engineering. since inception of the program, we have been able to demonstrate sustainability of this project by promoting capacity building, local content and multilateral partnerships thereby increasing impact levels on its recipients, host communities and our business operations.
at etisalat Nigeria, we envision a future of sustainable economic and social impact through limitless reach. the MSc in telecoms engineering programme reinforces our commitment to using our CSR policy, strategy and initiatives to create this future.

etisalat merit awards scheme

since inception of this scheme in 2009, over 1200 undergraduate students of electrical electronics engineering, computer science and business management have been awarded with this prestigious scholarship as part of the etisalat merit awards scheme. it is also worthy to note that criteria for selection for this award include academic excellence and indigenous relationship to the location of each of the recipient tertiary institutions.
by providing an educational fund to Nigerian students from all social classes, we have given them freedom from financial concerns enabling them to focus fully on their studies and ultimately contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy.


we have partnered with the lagos state government to bring about sustainable change and development to public primary and secondary schools in the state, by adopting three schools in lagos state for life – akande dahunsi memorial high school, ikoyi; edward blyden primary school, lagos island; and rabiatu thompson primary school, surulere.
to ensure holistic advancement through this programme, we have focused on effecting development across multiple indices. buildings have been refurbished and sound infrastructure put in place to ensure a smoother learning experience for these students; we have provided career counseling support to the students through our employee volunteering scheme and also continue to support social development in these schools; all in a bid to provide total support towards developing engaged, bright and productive students.we are looking to replicate this unique model across other geo-political zones within the country.

career counseling initiative

the career counseling initiative is designed to appropriately guide students of secondary schools in the junior and senior levels, towards making sound, positive and fulfilling career decisions which will provide long-term benefits to them, their families, organizations, and ultimately the nation. our focus is mainly on our adopted schools, but other schools are equally included in the program.
the career counseling scheme, an employee volunteering program is an aspect of the internal CSR of etisalat Nigeria. through volunteering, our employees have the opportunity to fulfill their desire to impact positively on our host community and the society at large. our employees are encouraged to volunteer their time and employ their skills in providing career counseling as well as mentorship to students of secondary schools.
the career counseling scheme is a continuous program which is designed to be implemented quarterly. through it we are equipping the Nigerian youth with the tools and information they are provided with at these sessions, to enable them transform themselves into worthy ambassadors of their homes, state and the nation.

teacher training programme

etisalat Nigeria in collaboration with the british council launched a teacher training programme in 2011. this is an initiative designed to strengthen teaching skills in Nigeria, beginning with the english language in recognition of the pivotal role that the language plays in general education in the country. it had been identified that the performance in english language of primary and secondary school students was on a steep decline, and poor knowledge of english language generally also affects employability, mobility and ultimately the economy of the country; hence the staging of this intervention to address these issues.
the programme has focused on teachers of english language in primary/secondary schools in kaduna, rivers and oyo states so far. they have been retrained in english language teaching styles and delivery, with the contents of their lessons also improved; to enable them keep up pace with international standards in english language teaching skills.
we are certain that the retrained teachers in english language and other subjects to be tackled in due course will have better grasp, understanding and knowledge of their respective courses; thus improving the students’ performance in local and international examinations.

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