environment platform by etisalat

eco-SIM cards

as part of our efforts in providing eco-friendly as well as sustainable products and services, we have partnered with oberthur to make available innovative SIM packs called eco SIMs. the cards successfully cut in half the amount of plastic waste used for the production of a SIM card. they are manufactured with 50% less plastic, and the environmental footprint of this SIM card is half of that generated by the classic SIM card, from 16g of C02 to 8g of C02 generated per card. this is because the new format uses half the quantity of plastic for production, thus reducing waste generation.
beyond our eco-friendly products and services, we are partnering with reputable institutions, organizations as well as government bodies in driving our environment-friendly green initiatives. our partnership efforts are generally geared towards mitigating the effects of climate change as well as ensuring a sustainable environment.

alignment with international standards

at etisalat Nigeria, we recognize our moral obligation to improve the environment. in order to correctly identify the areas of our business that are harmful to the environment, we operate an environmental management system (EMS) in line with ISO 14001:2001. the EMS enables us to conserve natural resources, reduce waste generation, and explore new ways of improving our environmental performance.

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