Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the world’s most popular mobile browser. It provides the best experience for mobile phones and has over 90 million active monthly users in 195 countries. Opera Mini is compatible with more than 3000 different handsets including smart-phones and feature phones. 

Opera Mini Features

Opera has its own data optimization solution and hence this browser reduces web pages up to 90 percent of their size, making web surfing from mobile cheaper and faster. Opera Mini offers a good user experience through its features such as instant access to your favourite websites through speed dials, multitask with tabs, capability to read the largest pages comfortably and get a better view by making the most of the mobile screen. To learn more about Opera Mini, please visit 

Co-branded Opera Mini

Airtel Nigeria has launched a co-branded version of Opera Mini to associate larger Internet experience with own brand. As part of this co-branded offering, subscribers will see both Airtel Nigeria and Opera logo in the splash screen while starting the Opera Mini application. Airtel Nigeria is also offering eight pre-configured speed dial URLS of popular websites to the subscribers considering the need for various types of information from internet including social media, news, sports, jobs and marketplace. 

How to get Opera Mini

Opera Mini is free for GP subscribers. Subscribers can download Opera Mini by visiting or simply typing Opera and sending SMS to 5000. Subscribers must have EDGE/GPRS enabled device that supports Opera Mini. To get Internet settings, subscribers can type ALL and send SMS to 8080. No SMS charge applicable for sending SMS to 5000 and 8080.

Opera Mini Demo and Useful Documents

Please refer to following URLs for further useful information Opera Mini. 
 - Opera Mini Demo Simulator: 
 - Opera Mini supported device lists: 

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