Airtel Wi-Fi

Airtel Wi-Fi service is targeted at providing super-fast internet access to people in public places like Airports, Malls, Universities etc.  Customers can connect wirelessly to the internet through their smart phones, tablets, Laptops and other smart devices.
To enjoy this service, customers will need to purchase data bundles which are categorized into five time-based bundles; 30mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours and five hours respectively. The bundles can be purchased using Airtel recharge cards and debit cards while Airtel subscribers can buy bundles with their airtime.
Wi-Fi service offers customers ultra-high speed internet access which will enhance customer data experience in Lagos. It is aimed at promoting the use of internet and will provide customers wider opportunities to connect with friends, family and business associates. The service is available to all mobile phone users irrespective of their Network. Airtel also offers free 15 minutes to every user every month.
The service will always be available to customers.

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