Top 20 iPhone Apps for Kid-That Most Mom’s Wish to have!

The iPhone app development market is evolving daily with users demanding new apps every day. Realizing the trend of iPhone use by kids and younger consumer segment, scores of iPhone app development companies target kids specifically.

But how do you decide the best apps for your kids? We have compiled a list of top 20 iPhone apps for kids that give your kids an awesome iPhone app experience.

Endless Alphabet

This app is a collection of words arranged alphabetically. Kids have to arrange the letters of the alphabet and when they successfully arrange it, they get to see a colorful animation which explains the meaning of the word.

Park Math
This app comes from the same iPhone app development company which developed the app ‘Wheels on Bus’. Park Math is a great app for kids to learn basic mathematical functions like basic addition and subtraction and counting up to 20. 
My First 101 Words
My First 101 Words is another app which teaches the kids their first words. The 101 words are taught to the kids using video rather than text. Thus ensuring complete interactivity and total fun.

The Bookworm app facilitates kid to link letters to form word. Every correct word formed by the toddler lets him/her score points. This game is a great way to take your young child from basic alphabets to applying them correctly in words.

Jacob’s Shapes
Jacob’s shapes are the best app to teach shapes to the kids. Children have to drag objects into the appropriate cut-out shapes.

Cookie Doodle 
Cookie Doodle doesn't actually teach your kids anything, but it is surely a fun app for them. The aim is to make cookies of different types in this app.

Toy Story: story Theater
This official Disney app turns kids into storytellers. They get to choose the kids, settings and the narration too.

Tic Tac Toe Free
The app does exactly as per its name. Kids can play Tic Tac Toe, without having to waste ink and paper. One of the most popular leisure activities, this app is a runaway success with kids all over the world because of the familiar and simple game play.

PreSchool Adventure
PreSchool Adventure is an assortment of fun and educational games. The kids get to learn count, shapes and some basic words.

Wildlife Jigsaw puzzles 123 HD
The app teaches more than 40 animal names to kids using puzzles and interactive music, helpful voice overs and fun filled hints. Multiple puzzles can be rearranged by kids to reveal a new creature of the jungle, thus aiding child's knowledge growth.

My Story World

The app is a collection of children books and each story in the app includes activities like drawing and coloring.

Kids Song Machine

It’s an entertaining app for kid which has popular nursery rhymes for  kids, which make your kids learn the lyric of the song. This will make your whole family to get entertained with their fun. 

Classic Winnie-the-Pooh
As evident from the name, the app features the classic story of Winnie-The-Pooh by making use of excellent graphics.


Animatch lets kids match pairs of animals in every new game. When your toddler touches the icon of any animal, it makes the sound of the corresponding animal. Kids improve their ‘memory’ by playing Animatch as they have to remember the position of the animals to match them.

Mibblio is a storybook app with a unique song associated with every story. Mibblio with Mibblets has story-songs which invite children to read and sing along.

Letter Writer Oceans

Your kids would definitely have fun learning the alphabet when they use this great aquatic themed app.


The goal of this app is to create your own fun characters using over 200 body parts available in the app. Using these parts children can tap, slide to mix and match body parts and create fun creatures using your imagination.

Build A Robot

A lot like Mixamajig, this app lets your future engineers in creating their own robots using various parts available in the app.

PeeKaBoo Barn

This app lets kids learn animal names and the sounds they make using interactive graphics.

Wheels on the Bus
Wheels on The Bus are probably the most popular iPhone app for kids in the iPhone marketplace. The app is designed for the kids in the preschool or kindergarten. It is a collection of classic children songs. The app shows lyrics along with the songs and also gives an option to listen to the songs in different languages.

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