No Business? AY Makun Shuts Down 8 Month Old MVP Lounge

MVP Lagos Lounge owned by Nigerian stand-up comedian/actor and movie producer ,AY has been shut down.

The Lounge which was opened in September, 2014 is no longer operating and open for business.

In an interview with Encomium, the comedian spoke on why his new establishment has been shut down.

“It’s not as if MVP has closed down business for good. We want to bring in fresh hands to run the place. For us it’s better to close our doors for a while and restrategise than things to get wrong. We need better and able hands to run the lounge. we are bringing in a professional from the Arabian gulf to work in the lounge” 

He dismissed the rumour that the lounge was in some sort of financial crisis as a result of low patronage.

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