South Africa: Who's on the Request Line?

Photo: Big Brother Mzansi
Lebo and Ex.
Ring ring! Was that a phone we just heard? A little birdie whispered in our ears that Biggie was up to his old tricks again. Something spectacular was about to happen folks. Housemates did not want to miss this call.
This was the very same phone that rang Lebo and Ex into the Head of House thrown. A first for the housemates as well as the show. But did every phone call bring good news? Was the presence of this phone a good or a tricky thing for the housemates?
A the silence grew on the bunch as the ringing escalated. But that wasn’t for long as none other than Ex who flew to the phone and snatched the receiver off the hook. The rest huddled around in a frenzy as Ex stryggled to hear what Biggie’s message was on the other line.
The pair were instructed to stop what they were doing, leave the house and hurry off to the stage. Can anyone say ominous?!
A significant part of the Big Brother game was always the fact that housemates were barred all access to the outside world. This meant that phones, TV’s, laptops, recorders and video of any sort was off-limits. So what was a telephone, a big old red one at that, doing inside the house?
So far it had been the barer of spectacular news but, with mischievous Biggie on the other side dialling the line, anything could happen.
Tonight’s live show was not to be missed. Hot off the heels of last week’s double launch – which saw 10 more people enter the game and pair up right here on the stage – this week has been full of controversy.
The couple who’d answered the call had no idea just how important a call it was. Their fate in the game was awaiting them, with bated breath, on the Big Brother Mzansi stage.

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