Nigeria: They Once Took My Name Off Promo Materials - Yemi Alade

If you think that all was rosy for rave-of-the-moment artiste, Yemi Alade, then you should reconsider.
The musician cum dancer has been pondering over her struggles in life and uploaded picture of a ballerina's toes which had nails that had suffered traumas. She opened up about the suffering she and some of her colleagues are passing or have passed through.
She also explained how once her name was taken off the promo materials for certain big shows because they said she wasn't big enough.
She said: "Look at the toe nails on this ballerina's right foot #AlmostNonexistent. In fact the only remaining nail on her big toe is #HangingOnItsLastThreadOfHope #BarelyHealthy.
"I was a kid ballerina for 4-years and I suffered toe nails like this picture; until I saw this picture, I had no idea that was why. I discovered this picture at the airport and it told a million stories!
"Rich People Buy Big expensive cars and flaunt it in pictures but they don't flaunt the "maintenance bill"!! Trust me that bill is outrageous! They buy huge houses all over the place but they don't share the maintenance bill for a mansion with over 15 rooms at least for diesel in a month... hahaha.

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