Eritrea: Cultural Affairs of PFDJ Graduates 83 Artists in Film Directing and Light System

Asmara — The Cultural Affairs of the PFDJ yesterday graduated a total of 83 artists upon completion of a 5-month training course in Film Directing and Light System.
Speaking at the graduation ceremony conducted in connection with World Theatre Day, Mr. Solomon Tsehaye, gave explanation regarding Theatre, and called on artists in the country to reinforce Stage Theatre which made significant impact in enlightening citizens during the colonial era and in the armed struggle for independence.
World Theatre Day message was conveyed on the occasion, and the trainees were called upon to keep intact national values through translating into practice the knowledge they have acquired.
Among the graduates Husein Mohammed-Hagos and Rahel Kibreab explained that they managed to realize their inclination through the course and expressed readiness to step up contribution in State affairs on the basis of developing the career.
A short history regarding the contribution which the late Artist Esayas Tsegai made in the Arts field, and other performances by the graduating batch featured on the occasion.

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