5 Free Twitter Unfollow Tool to Unfollow Non-Followers

Twitter is best marketing and a promotional tool for Blogging but only if it is used effectively. When I started using Twitter 6 years back, I had no idea about marketing benefits of Twitter. I was tweeting like an amateur and followed users without thinking twice. Over the time, after understanding the big pain of social media noise, I started decluttering my social media account.
To start with, I become particular about accounts I follow on Twitter, and for this I started unfollowing users who are inactive or doesn’t add any value to my Twitter timeline. Along with this, I also unfollowed many followers who were inactive and is not following back.
Twitter Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers
Even today, I often cleanup my twitter profile and I start with unfollowing non-followers. Today, I will be sharing a list of tools that you can use to find those Twitter profiles that you are following, but they are not following you back. If you planning to unfollow them, start by asking this question:
  • Do you enjoy reading their tweets?
  • Do you know particular twitter user?
If your answer is yes, then keep following those users; else unfollow them.

Free Twitter unfollow tool to unfollow nonfollower users:

Tweepi Geeky Flush:
Tweepi offers many useful features to manage your Twitter account and for following the non-followers you can use Geeky flush. As the name explains,  flush the twitter followers that do not follow you back. Tweepi is a simple tool, and you can sort the list and unfollow them one by one. Tweepi is not as fast as ManageFlitter, but it’s still visually appealing.
Tweepi flush followers
Manageflitter is one favorite twitter tool to unfollow non-followers. The new beta version lets you select multiple Twitter account and with one click you can unfollow them. Along with this, there are many other features like find fake Twitter followers, most talkative Twitter followers will let you effectively manage your Twitter account. Overall as a price of zero, Manageflitter is one tool that you will love.
Managefilter Twitter tool
Followerfilter is useful Twitter unfollower tool, as it offers more than just unfollow. What I like most about this tool is, you can sort list based on many things, and my favorite is last activity. This way, I can unfollow those non-followers that are not active. This way you can improve your follow: followers ratio.
followerfilter twitter unfollow
Twitter Karma
Apart from removing the Twitter users who are not following you, Twitter Karma also follows the Twitter users who are following you. It can quickly follow or unfollow the Twitter user in your profile in seconds. Twitter Karma is one of the popular unfollow tools to stop following users who are not following you back.
Twitter Karma
[ Link ]
CrowdFireapp that was popularly known as Justunfollow earlier is probably the best free tool for Twitter to unfollow non-followers. You can sort the non-followers bases on newest first or oldest first. Every day you get to unfollow or follow 25 people for free using Crowdfire. If you want to increase the limit, you can always upgrade to paid subscription. They also have fully-functional iOS and Android app, which is probably the best Twitter management tool I have used on my Smartphone.

[ Link ]
It’s a good idea to use one of these twitter unfollow tool once in a while to keep your twitter profile clean. By unfollowing non follower and inactive users, you will be maintaining a ratio of more than 1. Though make sure, you don’t unfollow blog  & companies Twitter profiles as they hardly follow anybody  back.
These tools are very handy to Unfollow Twitter users on twitter. If you are using any such tools then do share with us.

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