Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh Hospitalized After Developing Blood Clots On Lung

Miami Heart forward Chris Bosh is expected to sit out the remainder of the season after being hospitalized for some pretty serious health complications last Thursday.
According to USA Today, doctors discovered multiple blood clots on one of Bosh’s lungs after he was admitted  to South Miami Hospital after complaining of chest discomfort for several days. Though news of the father of three’s hospitalization was announced late last week, his pulmonary embolism diagnosis wasn’t confirmed until late Saturday afternoon.
“His health will be restored,” said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, according to ESPN. “That’s the most important thing. That’s bigger than basketball.”
Both Spoelstra and Bosh’s teammate Dwyane Wade visited the 30-year-old, who is said to be out for the remainder of the season.
“It’s been very emotional for all of us,” Spoelstra said. “I was in constant contact with CB. But he didn’t know either until they were able to go through all the tests and see all the specialists. … I can’t imagine how tough it was for Chris and [his wife] Adrienne.”
As for Chris being out for the season, Erik says that this isn’t a concern for him or the team at this time.
“We’re not even thinking about [his return] right now. The most important thing is he’ll be healthy again. We’ll get a game plan as we continue to get more information.”
Typically, treatment for a condition such as this one requires limited physical activity for at least six months. Overall, Bosh seems to be in good spirits. Over the weekend, he took to Instagram with an adorable photo (above) of his son Jackson seated beside his hospital bed.
“Thank you for all the messages, love, and support. It has truly lifted my spirits through this tough process.#Heatnation #Iwillbebacksoon #Boshfamily,” he wrote.
Bosh’s wife also thanked fans for their well wishes, writing:
“Daddy is in good hands❤️ #DrJack is on the case. We appreciate each and every call/text/email/post and everyone who has reached out with support, encouragement, love, prayers, positivity, and concern. Thank you to all who have been such a strong support system and ray of light for my husband and our family! We can all rest a little easier tonight knowing @chrisbosh is already on the road to getting better and in good spirits.
#BoshFamily#HEATNation #ThisIsJacksVersionOfASelfie#HeThankedTheDrsForHelpingHisDaddyFeelBetter#MyHeartMelted #TeamBosh.”
Get well soon!

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