Here’s What Lauren London and Lil Wayne’s Son Looks Like

Here's What Lauren London and Lil Wayne's Son Looks Like feat
We’ve known for some time that Lil Wayne and Lauren London have a son together. But that was all the information we had…up until this weekend.
Apparently Wayne and the son, Cameron were spending time together recently and he tweeted this picture.
Here's What Lauren London and Lil Wayne's Son Looks Like
Source: Twitter
Lauren London has been very clear about her desire to keep her son out of the public eye.  No pictures. And based on the fact that we haven’t seen him, it’s clear that Wayne had been following that directive.
Who knows what happened…maybe he wanted to show off his lil man or felt the picture was too cute to keep to himself. As cute as he is, I can understand wanting to share. He deleted the photo shortly after but not before people had a chance to get the screenshot.
So, how did Lauren London feel about her baby’s face all on the internet?
She took it in stride and tweeted this.
Yes! Adorable!
As long as she’s managed to keep him out of the public eye, we’re sure she knew the day was coming soon. We commend her for protecting her child but also can’t deny that we loved seeing his sweet, little face!

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