Did Amber Rose Stop Wiz Khalifa From Seeing His Son On His Birthday?

Another day, another Amber Rose headline.
For the last few weeks, I have 100% been Team Amber Rose. Now, I think I may have to reconsider. According to reports, Amber Rose denied Wiz Khalifa the right to celebrate his son’s birthday.
Wiz started the day off tweeting his excitement to celebrate their son’s second birthday. However, things did not go as plan. Next, Wiz tweeted, a series of tweets, including a picture of an empty birthday part with the caption, “Only thing missing was Bash.”
Reportedly, Bash was with his mother Amber. Amber posted two pictures of Bash, happily celebrating his birthday. After seeing these Wiz continued his twitter rant,
Reportedly Wiz is also attempting to get more custody and visitation rights of his son. We’re hoping these two can fix things quickly and QUIETLY for the sake of their child.

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