A Look At Wizkid’s Twitter Beefs since 2013

Wizkid has probably set a record for himself as being the most dominant Nigerian Music Artist involved in the most twitter beefs. In the last 2 years he has had at least 2 highly publicized twitter altercations with either a fan or his fellow colleagues in the industry.
Lets run through a timeline of Wizkid’s Twitter beefs since 2013 below:

Wizkid Vs EME

Image via TheNet
Date: Jan 31 2013
What happened: No one is really sure where this tweet came from but we know that Wizkid was in the UK at the time and it appears that he was on the verge of leaving EME and felt a need to release his frustration on twitter.
During this period he had just signed his management deal with Tinie Tempah’s ‘Disturbing London’ and this was the public beginning of Wizkid leaving EME. He obviously felt frustrated or comfortable enough to tweet about it without naming names. No one from EME responded to these tweets, but everyone will put money down that those tweets were directed to the former label he was signed to.

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