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Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations - 28-9-2017


North Korea is back in the headlines and it is always unclear what the Hermit King, Kim Jong Un, will do next. North Korea is one of the worlds most secretive societies and here are some strange and interesting facts about this country. #10 Most Corrupt Country in the World According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, North Korea and Somalia are tied for the title of the most corrupt nation. Scores between zero (highly corrupt) and 100 (very clean) were given to 174 countries and territories. North Korea scored an 8. #9 Size of North Korea North Korea is 120,538 square kilometers, which is about the size of Pennsylvania. But only 19.5% of North Korea’s land is arable, which amounts to about 9,000 square miles. #8 Defecting from North Korea During the mourning period of Kim Jong-il ‘s death on December 17, 2011 and the start of Kim Jong-un’s rule, the movements of people were tightened and strictly controlled. This included requiring families that live near the border areas to take tur…


Humans have always been obsessed with the supernatural, including magic.  Certain people have been able to use this to make a career for themselves, becoming world famous (and of course super-rich).  Here are the ten greatest magicians of all time. #10. Soul Mystique
They may be the least known act on this list, but quick-change act Soul Mystique have revived much recognition.  They were named one of the top 10 magicians in the world by Fox Bio Channel in 2008, and were invited to perform as the closing act to the event, “A Tribute to Siegfried and Roy at the London Palladium.”  The duo found fame on the show Australia’s Got Talent, where they finished as Grand Finalists in 2007, and 2nd Runners-Up in 2012. #9. Dante
Harry August Jansen, better known as Dante the Magician, was so influential that his death in 1955 has come to end what historians call the “Golden Age of Magic.”  Dante toured the world performing his magic with a troupe of between 25 and 40 performers, becoming famous utte…