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Click here to download Skype Latest Version Offline Installer

For people who would like to get an offline copy to install on multiple computers,

Skype Latest Version Offline Installer:
Just use the link you will be redirected to the page where you can download the offilne installer
the Complete and offline installer is here:

:happy: Good luck and Thanks for passing by.

Blessed Sunny By Onyeoma Tochukwu Nnamani


Infinity Brand International Interviews Onyeoma Tochukwu Nnamani


How not to make money on - 100% solution - Irony

If you are thinking about how to make money online via YouTube video marketing than please follow step by step guide mention below. Many people ask this question how to make money with videos online and answer is very simple. You can either earn with video impression by using Adsense as your monetization method or just promote your affiliate products. Of course for this you have to create unique and copyright safe videos so that more and more people visit and share your stuff. Otherwise you will be in the middle of no where and like many other people leave this field for ever. So it’s better to spend some time learning new things and work on your skill rather than complaining your luck.

Step by Step YouTube Video Marketing Guide 1. First of all you need to make sure that all your videos start with professional looking promo, don’t worry if you don’t know how to create these promos because there are tons of free promos are already on internet for you. Just visit the Videobl…

CONTINUATION OF EGO NDI OFURU By Onyeoma Tochukwu Nnamani #9jaboombox


Chukwu Kelu Akuoyiboo By Onyeoma Tochukwu Nnamani #9jaboombox


GLO Data Plans | Get 10GB For N2500, 2GB For N1000 & 6 plus

To use Glo's 4G LTE service, you would need to upgrade your sim card to a 4G LTE sim card and you need to also make sure that your mobile phone or modem supports 4G LTE bands in Nigeria. Purchasing a GLO 4G LTE data plan is simple. Simply dial *777# and select 4G LTE Data Services then choose your preferred plan.
The 4G LTE Monthly Plans and the existing 3G Monthly plans are similar in terms of price and data allowance but there's no word from Glo yet if subscribers of the 3G data plans can access 4G LTE data if they have a 4G LTE enabled smartphone. Source

GLO BOLT INTERNET PLANS & SUBSCRIPTION CODES To be able to browse on the GLO network, load the required credit for the plan you want to subscribe to then text ACTIVATE to 127 and wait for the confirmation message asking you to choose a plan.
Once you get the confirmation code, ignore the text and text the appropriate code for your desired plan to 127 depending on which plan you want. You can also dial the co…

How to check data balance on Glo

Just dial *127*0#

Glo manual configuration for windows phone and other phones

APN: glowap
Username: wap Password: wap Proxy: no proxy Port: no port Ip type: IPv4v6

how to turn on access for less secured apps for gmail

Go to :

Allow less secure apps: ON Some non-Google apps and devices use less secure sign-in technology, which could leave your account vulnerable. You can turn off access for these apps (which we recommend) or choose to use them despite the risks.

Emzy - Baby_Girl

Here comes the new single from the stable of an Iconic Musician. This guy killed this beat without mercy. Download and enjoy

how to save audio files from whatsapp in windows phone

There is one option to extract that Audio File from WhatsApp now.
WhatsApp, in their new update, now offers Web Platform and we can see & open all our Chats, Audio, Video on Browser of our computer.

What we can do is,
1. Open WhatsApp on Web Browser on your PC
2. Go to the Chat where Audio is received.
3. Click Play Button (This will again open Player Screen with small Player-bar and Down Arrow Button on the Upper Right Corner)
4. Click Download Button
5. Save the Audio File on your PC
That's it.

The Strange Part : The downloaded File is saved in .m4a format which is new for me but it opens in Windows Media Player.

alternate styles in php select

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Funny video: Igba Nkwu Animation - Igbo tradinational Marriage in Nigeri...

This is a short animated comedy video for the requirements of Igbo traditional marriage in Nigeria. Credit to: Area Titled: #Watch #video: Igba Nkwu - #Igbo #tradinational #Marriage #comedy - #9jaBoomBox

Story of my life


*Frank*: my paddy

*Me* : boss

*Frank*: Did U receive my SMS?

*Me*: The one U said I should lend U 50k

*Frank*: yeah

*Me*: I no see am oooo



1st October is a day of celebration for us Nigerians. On this day, 56 years ago our people achieved the most important of all human desires – freedom and independence. We should all, therefore, give thanks and pray for our founding fathers without whose efforts and toil we would not reap the bounties of today.
I know that uppermost in your minds today is the economic crisis. The recession for many individuals and families is real. For some it means not being able to pay school fees, for others it’s not being able to afford the high cost of food (rice and millet) or the high cost of local or international travel, and for many of our young people the recession means joblessness, sometimes after graduating from university or polytechnic. I know how difficult things are, and how rough business is. All my adult life I have always earned a salary and I know what it is like when your salary simply is not enough. In every part of our nation, people are making incredible sacrifices. But let me…

How to get Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates roundup – September 21, 2016

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 21, 2016 1.1K 1124
Android 6.0 Marshmallow is here, and now the waiting game is on. “When will my phone get the Marshmallow update?” ask countless Android fans, and for good reason: while phone makers are doing a better job at keeping their devices up to date, the process is still lengthy and opaque. Worse, many models will inevitably be left behind. We’re here to shed some light on the issue.
In this post, which will be updated frequently, we are rounding up all the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update news, so you can get a good picture of what to expect.
Before we start The release of Android updates for most devices is a complex process, involving Google, chip makers, device makers, and carriers. With so many players, and so many things that could go wrong, you should expect delays, slow rollouts, botched releases, and generally a lot of variation based on your specific model, your region, and your carrier.
Just because your phone or tablet isn’t…