How to Intercept Any Email or SMS

Emails you can use brute force and local MITM but SMS is not a walk in the PARK. But just for starter a tip would be the SS7 flaw that is in the Mobile Network Provider do a bit research and a whole lot would be unloxked ,sadly you will need a special devices to do that ,it costs $4.
Author way is to have a Trojan ...I prefer a self built one but for a starter you can use metasploit. The new version has SMS read and send permiaion . And About the Email part if you really target the victim you can hook his browser in beef and you can use Google Phishing and Pretty theft for facebook .
People's have trouble hooking other browsers to do that follow this simple steps.
1.Copy the link of the "hook me " page when you open beef-xss.
2.edit the part to your local IP address
3.You can edit the "hook me " text to what ever you want.
4.make an HTML file and add you script to the file.
5.copy the HTML file to /var/www/html
6.start apache by typing "apachectl start" MITM with dns spoofing plugin
8.when configuring the etter.dns file add
"*www.spoof A yourIp"
then when your victim enter the spoof site in URL he will be redirected to your fake site and forced to click on the hook script and get hooked.


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