• Download Unlimited Free On Your Glo With These Simple Steps Here

    Without wasting much time, do you know you can now browse free with your glo line using UC mini handler web browser. At least this will serve as an alternative to the glo 0.00 tweak via Psiphon VPN.

    This new glo tweak works only on UC mini handler for now so you only use it to browse and download with the web browser but you can't use other apps on your phone like whatsapp, Facebook, Opera Mini, Instagram, YouTube and the rest. Although the glo 0.00 Cheat is still working and powering all apps, this one is just like a side chick to complement with what you enjoy with the "glo redirect trick"

    ✔ It works only on UC mini handler web browser
    ✔ It doesn't power all apps
    ✔ It is totally free (0.00kb in your glo line)
    ✔ It is unlimited
    ✔ No speed throttling


    ✔ Download Uc Mini Handler Apk Android App: CLICK HERE to download it .

    Launch the app and configure it as below

    Proxy type: REAL HOST
    Proxy server: redirect.glo.com
    Real proxy type: default (you can also use HTTP)
    Real proxy port: 80
    Then save and start browsing

    Or you can also use this second settings below, both work perfectly

    FrontQuery: redirect.glo.com
    MiddleQuery: %3a@redirect.glo.com
    Tick Remove Port
    Header Type: Real Host
    Header Host: redirect.glo.com
    Now Tap on Save.

    At times you might experience difficulties in downloading large files with this tweak but there is no cause for alarm or panic as i gat your back. We will use similar method we used on Airtel 20GB Cheat on Opera Mini but with a different domain.


    ✔ Open this site with your uc mini handler muchproxy.com
    ✔ After that, add the site name you want to download from
    ✔ Now click go and your download will start reading (just like that of airtel 20gb)

    This site muchproxy normally rename the file you are downloading to .php format. Now what you should do is to change the .php extension to the format of the file you are downloading. For example .mp4, .apk, .exe .pdf etc when the download option popup before downloading.

    I hope this helps and adds to the options you already have in terms or free and affordable browsing tricks and solutions. Don't enjoy alone, kindly SHARE THIS with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social platforms so that they will flex it too.

    Drop your comment below if you face any problem when setting it up
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