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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Check: Bedtime Beauty Habits You Should Cultivate



Sleeping doesn’t mean your body has shut down, your body keep son working and the least you can do is give it a little nudge in the right direction. There are bedtime beauty habits you should cultivate to help your body stay fit and avoid age hitting you too fast. These beauty habits would help you with a flawless skin and a hyper start for the next day.
Prepare For The Next Day
It is truly a blessing to sleep knowing you are ready for the next day, no tension as you wake up. If you sleep after getting all set for the other day then you’ll sleep peacefully and wake up tension free. So set your outfit for the next day, create your to-do list for the next day and get ready for the next step.
Remove Your Makeup
Yes, remove all of it. Most women, go home tired an would probably change their outfits and slide into bed. Wrong!! Remove your makeup properly with makeup wipes, this ensures that your pores will be clean and your eyes free of leftover gunk.
Have A Warm Bath
A warm bath will make you feel relieved, relax and will help you in sleeping better. All you need to do is take a warm cozy bath, few scented candles and good music.The ambiance you’ve created will soothe you and create a feeling of relaxation and tranquility within you.
Brush Your Teeth
This works both ways, it gets rid of the germs from the day and would stop you if you indulge in late night snacks. So brush your teeth and feel squeaky clean.
Use A Toner
Every night before going to bed, tone up your face with a toner. Toner helps restore your skin’s natural pH levels, which in turn makes your skin more resistant against bacteria and micro-organisms. It also helps cleanse your skin of dust, pollution and impurities. It is particularly important for oily and acne-prone skin.
Use Eye Cream
Photo Credit: Web MD
Photo Credit: Web MD
Your body is your sanctuary, so take care of it. The eye area is the first to show signs of aging, it is essential to take care of your eyes properly. An eye cream can help moisturize, hydrate, de-puff, reduce dark circles, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and temporarily tighten the under-eye area, apply an eye cream before going to bed.
Massage Your Feet
Bed time is the best time to give those helpful little creatures that make you walk against them all day long a little rest too. Before hitting the sack, take a nice foot lotion, gently apply it on your feet. Later, cover your feet with your favorite pair of socks that make you feel comfortable. You will wake up in the morning, with baby feet.
Take Care Of Your Hair
Photo Credit: Essence
Photo Credit: Essence
Moisturize, oil, cream, brush and braid your hair to avoid knots and tangles.Take care of your hair in the way that it should be cared for before you go to bed. Always sleep with your hair pinned up to avoid touching your face at night, this will benefit both your hair and skin. Brush your hair and then braid it or pin it up into a bun to avoid knots and tangles in the morning. Hair contains oils and dirt that can get on your face and cause pimples and acne breakouts. Always use a satin bonnet.
Use Silk Pillows & 2 Pillows 
Photo Credit: Ol Women
Photo Credit: Ol Women
Using 2 pillow aids blood flows and circulates throughout during this time, gravity assists one with lymph, the blood flow helps in fluids not gathering around your eyes or inside your face. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase and silk bed sheets will greatly benefit your skin as well as hair. Silk contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids that help keep your skin looking young and beautiful. It will also prevent ‘sleep-crease’ or a ‘sleep line’ on your face that often happens when sleeping on a cotton pillowcase.
Drink A Lot Of Water
Water is good for your skin, we already know that by now. What you didn’t know is that drinking water at night is the best time. So having your fills at night or keeping a chilled bottle of water by your bed side would also help in that skin glow you deserve.
Turn On A Humidifier
Photo Credit: Ol Women
Photo Credit: Ol Women
By working on your skin’s hydration overnight, you can skip daytime moisturizer altogether or choose one that’s lighter since heavier moisturizers don’t tend to wear as well under sunscreen or makeup. A humidifier consisting of a moisturizer containing ceramides and cholesterol can help you moisturize nice and well overnight which will make your skin appear intensively hydrated and glowing rather than dry and dull.
Get Your Beauty Sleep
Photo Credit: Nigerian Monitor
Photo Credit: Nigerian Monitor
Get 8-hours of sleep, everyday. Going to sleep relieves you of stress and tension and makes you appear beautiful naturally. On the other hand, a lack of sleep will make you seem pale and unappealing. It would also combat the following – dark circles,
puffy eyes, dull and unappealing skin.


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