• INVENTION: Retro Diner Slush Maker

    Retro Diner Slush Maker
    What better gadget to spend your Christmas cash on than this Slush Maker. Create delicious, retro slushes at home with the Retro Diner Slush Maker. Easy to use, simply add ice and salt to one compartment and pour your choice of fruit juice or soft drink into the other, then watch the machine spin into action. In just 15 minutes, your slush will be ready to drink, and the controlled pour spout will allow you to professionally dispense your slush into your glass. Designed to make up to 4 glasses of slush simultaneously, the device exhibits a nostalgic design, and is also easy to clean after usage.


    Retro Diner Slush Maker
    Makes up to four glasses at once
    Creates slush drinks in 10-15 minutes
    2 compartments: One for water and salt, and the other for your choice of fruit juice or soft drink
    Controlled pour spout
    Easy to assemble, disassemble and clean
    Retro design
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