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Learn - What is: iFrame

An iFrame is an inline frame used inside a webpage to load another HTML document inside it. This HTML document may also contain JavaScript and/or CSS which is loaded at the time when iframe tag is parsed by the user’s browser. WordPress users often come across iframes when they are trying to embed something from an external source into their WordPress site. The most common example of an iframe embed code is the YouTube video embed code which looks like this: 1<iframewidth="420"height=

Loneliness induces biological changes, causes illness and early death

Danger signals activated in brain by loneliness ultimately affect immune system, scientists claim
A study has shown that for the first time that loneliness is not just an emotional state of mind, it actually triggers genetic changes, which cause illness and early death. The research was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Previous studies have found that social isolation is a major health problem that can increase the risk of premature death by 14 percent. However until now, scientists have been unsure what is driving the phenomenon. Now researchers at the University of Chicago and the University of California have discovered that loneliness actually triggers physical responses in the body, which make people sick. It appears to trigger the ‘fight or flight’ stress signal, which affects the production of white blood cells. It also increases activity in genes, which produce inflammation in the body while lowering activity in genes, which fight off illness, p…

Check: ‘Well water triggers respiratory infections in babies’

Breast-feeding for more than two months was linked to around a 50 percent reduction in the odds of developing type 2 diabetes for mothers who had already experienced gestational diabetes in the past. The study noted that the longer women breast-fed, the lower the odds of type 2 diabetes. PHOTO CREDIT:• Breast-feeding may cut risk of Type 2 diabetes for some women • Caffeine in pregnancy does not harm child’s IQ • Adding folic acid to bread, flour would prevent children being born or aborted with diseases like spina bifida
A new study suggests that babies exposed to high levels of arsenic in the womb, through their mothers drinking well water, are at increased risk for infections and respiratory symptoms in their first year of life. Researchers, in the study was published recently in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, measured levels of arsenic in 412 pregnant women in New Hampshire whose homes had private wells. For a year after their babies were born, the…

Facebook ramps paid leave time for new dads

With Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg about to become a dad, the social network boosted the amount of time fathers can take off to bond with their new babies. Beginning with the new year, dads working full-time for Facebook anywhere in the world will have the option of taking four months’ paid leave. All new dads working for Facebook outside the US currently get a minimum of four weeks’ paternity leave, with more time offered in locations where required by local law, according to Facebook. Same-sex partners who are not primary caregivers for babies get the same paid leave time as dads, the social network said. The change, effective January 1, essentially raises parental leave time for dads and non-custodial same-sex partners from four weeks to four months. The change puts paternity leave outside the US on par with maternity leave at Facebook workplaces around the world, and extends the benefit to same-sex couples. “In reviewing our parental leave policies, we have decided to make t…

Mourinho backs Chelsea to subdue red-hot Kane

MourinhoJose Mourinho is confident his Chelsea defence can nullify the threat of in-form Harry Kane even if John Terry fails to recover in time to face London rivals Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.
Mourinho’s side head to White Hart Lane after keeping two confidence-boosting clean sheets, first in last weekend’s victory over Norwich City and then in the midweek Champions League success at Maccabi Tel Aviv. Terry limped out of the game in Israel and the Blues captain remains doubtful for the Spurs clash, when Chelsea will attempt to record back-to-back Premier League wins for the first time this season. A victory in north London will strengthen Mourinho’s belief his side have turned the corner after a disastrous start to the campaign that has left them in 15th position. Their hopes of gaining revenge for the 5-3 defeat in the corresponding fixture last season will be enhanced if they can prevent Kane from extending a scoring streak that has brought the Tottenham striker nine goals in his …

Tanzanian officials jailed for lateness

Six government officials in Tanzania were jailed this week after turning up late for a meeting, reports said Friday, amid a government campaign to tighten standards and tackle corruption. “The officials spent six hours in custody following the order by the district commissioner,” the Uhuru newspaper reported Friday, in an editorial praising the move. “They showed up two hours earlier on the following day,” it added. The local government official in a suburb of the main city Dar es Salaam ordered his six colleagues be locked up after they turned up over three hours late for a meeting he had called at 8:00 am about land disputes. The commissioner reportedly said the tardiness of the public servants was “irresponsible.” Tanzania’s President John Magufuli earlier this month ordered government officials to solve a string of problems that the people face including thousands of land disputes, which often are compounded by corrupt officials. Earlier this week, Magufuli scrapped independence d…

Pope honours Ugandan martyrs on Africa tour

Pope FrancisVast crowds of Ugandans greeted Pope Francis on Saturday as he honoured Christians martyred for the faith on the second leg of a landmark trip to Africa, which he dubbed “the continent of hope”.
The 78-year-old pontiff received a rapturous welcome as he arrived at a shrine to the martyrs at Namugongo, just outside the capital Kampala, where some 45 Christians were executed in 1886 for refusing to recant their faith. Wild cheers and singing broke out as Francis arrived at the open air shrine. Over 100,000 people had waited from before dawn to attend the mass, a key highlight of his visit to Uganda. Later, he will meet with young Ugandans at a huge ceremonial ground in the capital’s Kololo district. Catholic faithful from neighbouring war-torn South Sudan also came for the mass, travelling for 12 hours by bus to catch a glimpse of the Argentine pope, who has made humility and help for the poor a hallmark of his tenure. Despite the hot and muggy weather, Jonathon Ssali said h…

Philippines goes supersonic again with S. Korean fighter jets

The Philippines took delivery of two South Korean-made FA-50 aircraft on Saturday, marking the country’s return to supersonic fighter jet status after almost a decade, amid growing tensions with China. The two new aircraft are the first of an order of 12 and signal a new readiness by Manila to assert itself militarily. The two fighters, flown from Seoul by South Korean pilots, were met in Philippine airspace by two S211 jets which escorted them to the former US airbase of Clark where they were received by Defence Secretary Voltaire Gazmin. “We’re glad. We are finally back to the supersonic age,” he told reporters as he inspected the “Golden Eagle” jets. Gazmin has said the aircraft could serve as both trainers and fighters, and that among the areas they would be posted will be the western island of Palawan, the country’s closest point to the South China Sea where the Philippines has a territorial dispute with China. China claims most of the South China Sea even up to the coastline of …

Protests as France’s Hollande calls on UK to join Syria campaign

French President Francois Hollande has urged British MPs to back an air campaign against the Islamic State group in Syria, as thousands prepared to march on London Saturday to oppose the plans. Hollande made the appeal after a tribute to the 130 victims of the Paris attacks, during which he vowed to destroy the “army of fanatics” behind the violence that rocked the French capital two weeks ago. “On November 13, a day we will never forget, France was hit at its very heart,” Hollande told a sombre commemoration in the Invalides, the 17th-century complex housing Napoleon’s tomb on Friday. “To all of you, I solemnly promise that France will do everything to destroy the army of fanatics that committed these crimes,” he said. Speaking later at the Commonwealth summit in Malta, where he flew after the ceremonies in Paris, Hollande called on British lawmakers to support France’s intervention in Syria. “I can only call on all British members of parliament, in solidarity with France but, above …

Gunman kills three at US family planning center

A gunman opened fire at a prominent family planning center in Colorado, killing three people and wounding several in a standoff that dragged on for five hours before he surrendered Friday. An usually busy area of snow-covered Colorado Springs was placed on lockdown into the early evening, just one day after millions of Americans celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, in the latest incident to shine a spotlight on gun violence in the United States. Mayor John Suthers paid tribute to police for hauling in the gunman without further bloodshed at the Planned Parenthood building, where people scrambled into a “safe room” for cover. A police officer was among the dead, he said, while nine others — among them five police — were wounded, though none seriously. “While this was a terrible, terrible tragedy, it could have been much worse if not for the reactions of first responders,” Sutter told reporters. The dead policeman was identified as Garrett Swasey, 44, a campus officer at the University …

Queen wraps up nostalgic Malta visit with boat trip

PHOTO: Queen Elizabeth II prepared for an action-packed final day of a state visit to Malta on Saturday, including a picturesque boat trip around the Mediterranean island she once called home. The 89-year-old monarch, who arrived Thursday for a three-day visit, will first of all roll up her sleeves to plant a tree in the grounds of the presidential San Anton palace, an exotic oasis in the heart of the country. The gharghar sapling — a small cypress which is Malta’s national tree — will be the first of its kind in the palace’s private gardens and will grow next to an olive tree planted 10 years ago by the queen during her last state visit in 2005. The monarch lived in Malta between 1949 and 1951 as a princess with her new husband Prince Philip, who was stationed on the island as a Royal Navy officer. It was reportedly the happiest time of their lives and the pair have returned several times over the years — most recently in 2007 to celebrate their diamond wedding anniver…

How To Write Mobile-first CSS

Building responsive websites is a must-have skill for front-end developers today. When we speak about responsive websites, the term mobile-first pops into mind immediately. We know the importance of designing from a mobile-first perspective. Unfortunately, much less was said about coding from a mobile-first approach. Today, I’d like to share with you about the mobile-first approach to styling, why it is much better, and how to work its magic. Note: This article will be immensely helpful if you are learning to build responsive layouts with Susy. What are Mobile-first and Desktop-first approaches? Let’s understand the differences between mobile-first and desktop-first before we dive into why the mobile-first approach is better. A mobile-first approach to styling means that styles are applied first to mobile devices. Advanced styles and other overrides for larger screens are then added into the stylesheet via media queries. This approach uses min-width media queries. Here’s a quick exam…