• How to transfer megabytes (Mb) From one mtn sim to another mtn sim card

    Today, am going to unveil
    to you the easy way to transfer or 
    MTN Megabytes (MB) to your fellow MTN users for
    shared Internet Browsing..
    Introduction, MTN Data Share
    is a Method of Sharing your
    current data bundle
    megabytes/ gigabytes with your fellow MTN Users. Sharing of your
    Megabytes doesn't mean transfer
    of Data.
    You can add or remove as many
    numbers as you wish
    in your beneficiary List. Any Phone number in your
    beneficiary List can be used to
    browse with your
    current megabytes on your Sim
    while browsing on the other sim
    in another phone.

     How To Activate MTN Data Share Service

    To Activate your sim card for MTN
    Data Services, simply
    dial *131*2*1# How To Change
    Your Data Share Pin
    Default Pin: 0000 
    To Change it simply dial
    *131*2*2*Old Pin*New Pin*New
    Pin# E.g.
    *131*2*2*0000*1 234*1234#

    How To Share Your Data With
    Friends To Share Your data With your friends, you need to firstly
    add your friend's
    Phone number(s) into your Data
    Share Beneficiary List. *.

     To add phone number to your beneficiary List; 
    Dial; *131*2*4*1*Phon e Number*Pin# 
    E.g.*131*2*4*1*0803 00000­00*1234# *. 

    To Remove phone number from your beneficiary
     Dial; *131*2*4*2*Phone Number*Pin# 
    E.g. *131*2*4*2*0803 00000­00*1234# *. 

    To Share Your Megabytes to your beneficiaries;
    Dial; *131*2*4*3*Pin#
     E.g.*131*2*4*3*1234 # *.

     To Check Your beneficiary List; 
    Dial; *131*2*4*4*Pin#
     E.g.*131*2*4*4*1234 # THATS ALL.
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