• Airtel Opera Mini Suscribtion Bundles with Codes

    Airtel Opera Mini is our topic of today and as you all know this
    Legendary browser is the world's most popular mobile browser. It
    has been in service ever since the evolution of mobile phones
    providing very fast internet connection for it's users.
    Airtel opera mini provides
    what some people refer to as the best experience for mobile
    phones users amongs other network's opera mini such as Mtn
    opera mini.
    It might interest you to know that not long ago, the opera mini
    company released a wonderful report which states that the
    browser has over 90 million
    active monthly users in 195
    countries across the globe.
    Languages and country reach
    Airtel Opera Mini is compatible with more than 3000 different
    mobile phones including smart-phones and feature phones.
    It also supports several other languages aside English language
    in many other countries.
    Airtel Opera Mini Features Opera has its own data optimization
    solution and hence this browser reduces web pages up to 90
    percent of their size, making web surfing from mobile cheaper and
    a lot faster.
    You can always check your data usage in the latest opera by
    > Menu
    > Help
    > Data usage
    you'll see it there and you can equally clear the saved data.
    Airtel Opera Mini offers a good user experience through its
    features such as instant access to your favourite
    websites by the use of opera speed dials, and a very important
    feature;multitask with tabs, you also have capability of
    reading very large web-pages comfortably and at the same time
    get a better view by auto modification to suit your mobile screen.
    Though you can still select the format in which you want to view
    websites as
    > On Single colum view: to view in mobile
    > Off Single colum view to view in Pc mode.
    In order to learn more about Opera Mini, you can always visit their
    official website @ www.operamini.com .
    Opera Mini in agreement Airtel Nigeria has launched a co-
    branded version of Opera Mini to
    associate larger Internet experience with own brand hence the title
    of this page Airtel Opera mini.
    As part of this co-branded offering, subscribers will see both Airtel
    Nigeria and Opera logo in the splash screen while
    starting the Opera Mini application.
    Airtel Nigeria is also offering eight
    pre-configured speed dial URLS of
    popular websites to the subscribers
    considering the need for various types of information from internet
    including social media, news, sports,jobs and marketplace.
    How to download Airtel Opera Mini
    Opera Mini is free for GP subscribers.
    Airtel Subscribers can download Opera Mini for free by visiting
    Download Airtel Opera by Text messaging
    you can download Airtel opera mini via text messaging by simply
    typing Opera and sending SMS to 5000. Subscribers must have
    EDGE/GPRS enabled device that supports Opera Mini.
    Airtel Internet Setting
    We have shared a lot of airtel internet settings here on kinwap
    both the legit one and the ones meant for cheat.
    Read the with the links below
    > airtel manual configuration settings code
    > Airtel Gprs|Manual configuration settings
    To get Internet settings,airtel subscribers can type ALL and send it
    in an SMS to 8080.
    Note: there's no SMS fee applicable for sending SMS to 5000 and
    Benefits of Airtel Opera mini
    Below are some benefits of using this unique browser.
    1. It delivers a superfast browsing experience on mobile phones.
    2. It reduces browsing costs by up to 90% due to server-side
    compression, removing applicable price barriers.
    3. It is free and easy to download to more than 500 phones
    Airtel Opera mini suscribtion Plan
    Airtel is introducing the Airtel Opera
    Mini[b] Bundle to ensure that it's
    cherished internet users get as much
    value as possible on the internet. The OPERA MINI bundles are
    planned to allow
    customers to take up a bundle that
    can be used for OPERA MINI related
    activities ALONE. The following bundles will be
    [b]Airtel Opera mini monthly plan
    > It lasts for 30 days that's a month.
    > It cost just N300 or N250
    >The code is *885*1#
    If you want to suscribe via sms,simply send mob to 885
    here are some posts partaining to opera on kinwap

    Airtel 3g GPRS trick with opera mod hack
    Airtel Opera mini ,Whatsapp and BBM Suscribtion codes
    and that brings us to the end of this topic Airtel opera mini and
    we've really talked a lot about it.
    Now,tell me what you find difficult and i'll explain more.
    You can just thanks me.... I'll appreciate that a lot!

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