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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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Yes Africa

About Us

The YESAFIRCA believes that Nigeria and Africa’s unbearable unemployment crisis can be solved if unemployment is tackled from an entrepreneurial standpoint, youth orientation and empowerment. The YESAFRICA thus provides the platform for the empowerment of youths millions of unemployed Nigerians all across the country and African continent. In our approach, we want to take the message to the people by providing for them a “CLEAR PATH TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP” and INFLUENCING THEM with positives ideas aimed at transforming their lives. This operates by identifying the skills required for self-employment, providing sources of capital, and offering training support young people need to get started in their chosen new business, thereby become a successful entrepreneur and subsequent employer of labour. To make the transition seamless, the initiative is building a coalition of partners that would provide supp
ort to prospective entrepreneurs in terms of training costs, start-up capital, and other entrepreneurial areas that require assistance. We have also set up EMPOWERMENT CENTRES that focus on certification and training. These include hands on practical applications of the machines, public speaking courses, marketing courses, sales courses, and overall knowledge on business expansion and leadership. The centre will also include financial advisers/consultants that provide guidance on how to apply for financial aid. Our EMPOWER WORKSHOPS highlights a display of machines, registration for becoming an entrepreneur, and introduction to the support structure and services.
We are well on our way to building a new Nation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs that will change the Nigerian and African landscape, and usher in a new era of prosperity and progress. In the words of the CEO of Divino Leadership and Financial Concept and Des Concpets, Dim Johnstephen Nwaeze E.A… “YESAFRICA will give rise to a new Nigeria, A frica, a new Entrepreneurial Nation, of producers, developers and leaders”


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