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Saturday, 8 August 2015

What are LADSPA, LV2 or VAMP plug-ins and how do I install them?

LV2 is a more advanced evolution of the LADSPA plug-in architecture which was originally developed on Linux. Audacity supports both LV2 and LADSPA effects on Windows and Mac OS X as well as GNU/Linux. You can download and install a set of over 90 LADSPA plug-ins for all operating systems. See Adding a LADSPA plug-in for where to install LADSPA plug-ins. You can then choose which LADSPA plug-ins to enable in the Manage Effects, Generators and Analyzers dialog.
There are not yet many pre-compiled LV2 plug-ins for Windows and Mac OS X, though it may be possible to compile some Linux LV2 plug-ins for other operating systems. To add a new LV2 effect, place its complete ".lv2" folder (not the files alone) at the top level of any of the LV2 search locations then enable it in the Manage Effects, Generators and Analyzers dialog.
VAMP plug-ins are usually for analyzing audio so will appear under Audacity's Analyze Menu. You can do interesting things like attempt to track beats, note pitches, chords or frequencies. Any VAMP plug-ins whose output is suitable for a label track should work in Audacity on Windows, Mac OS X or GNU/Linux. To add a new VAMP analysis tool, add the plug-in's DLL, DYLIB or SO file and any supplied category or RDF files to any of the VAMP search locations then enable the tool in the Manage Effects, Generators and Analyzers dialog.


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