• How to disable registration email in joomla

    I found the answer to this if anyone is still looking.

    edit YourSite/administrator/components/com_users/controller.php

    ***NOTE*** make sure you're in ADMINISTRATOR/components directory and not the general components directory off of the root... or you will [drive] yourself crazy looking for something that doesn't exist like I did :)

    around line 189 look for "JUtility::sendMail( $adminEmail, $adminName, $user->get('email'), $subject, $message );"
    and comment out or delete that 1 line.

    So far so good... I have registered a handful of test users and received no registration confirmation email & mass mailing still works.




    I found if you want to disable the annoying email when a front end user joins your site, I had to alter:
    Line 522
    comment out:
    //JUtility::sendMail($mailfrom, $fromname, $row->email, $subject2, $message2);


    Hello, you need to modify the file /components/com_user/controller.php wich is not in the administrator folder... delete these code... and thats it..

    // Send email to user
    if ( ! $mailfrom || ! $fromname ) {
    $fromname = $rows[0]->name;
    $mailfrom = $rows[0]->email;

    JUtility::sendMail($mailfrom, $fromname, $email, $subject, $message);

    The administrator continue receiving mails but the registered user wont.
    If you want neither the admin receive mail delete the code after the // Send notification to all administrators

    It works fine for me.

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