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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fashion Design Software: 10 Free Programs For Your Digital Fashion Business

Are you an aspiring fashion designer? Do you want your vision and creations to grace runway shows?
Before any fashion item gets to the glossy pages of magazines, they are first translated from the minds of the designers to their drawing boards.
Your designs are born on paper and if you want to embrace the modern world of fashion, you will bring your creations to life with the help of a fashion design software.
10. Cameo v5 Apparel Software
Whether you are making patterns for mass or standard production, this fashion design software will assist you in pattern-making.
The demo version comes complete with design modules for men, women and children. It has tutorials and design guides that will help you gain a better edge as well as free technical support that you can rely on.
9. Designer Pro Apparel Edition
This amazing fashion design software should be in everybody’s design toolbox. It allows you to create 3D model drafts and designs, so that you do not have to limit your creativity on paper. Unfortunately, it is limited to Mac users only.
8. Digital Fashion Pro 8
When you choose Digital Fashion Pro, you get a professional fashion design software package that lets you embark on an amazing fashion journey.
Enjoy unisex approach to your designs with over 110 digital fabrics available, and go through the training videos and guides, if you need extra assistance. The system is easy: you do not have to be an expert to start designing, especially since it has over 200 different templates for you to use for free.
7. Etelestia
Etelestia is the online source if you want to integrate into the world of fashion design. Their CAD software can help in pattern cutting, fashion designing, pattern grading and so forth. It truly is all that you need in fashion design.
6. Fashion Design Software Free
This fashion design software is the perfect companion if you are a designer and struggling at the design phase. It also guides you through pattern making and cutting, and conveniently makes automatic additions to your designs, which you can choose to apply.
It is free and easy-to-use—you do not have to be an expert to start designing.
5. Fashion Start App
From the reputable StartAClothingLine.com comes this free application designed for Android and Mac. It is a free application that will help you launch your line by guiding your through the three main steps: “start it”, “design in” and “make it”.
It gives you the chance to connect with other designers, like you, so that you can find the right assistance. It is the perfect fashion design software if you are not a talented artist or not a graduate of fashion school.
4. Fashion Toolbox
Fashion Toolbox is the professional design software for those who are dreaming of bringing their designs to the fashion runways. This free version comes with storyboard samples, training videos and manuals.
From designing clothes for children to creating fashions gowns for women, you can trust that this is the only toolbox you need.
3. Flash Tshirt Design Software
If you are a tshirt designer and need help in the creation of fashion forward tshirt designs, this is the fashion design software that you need.
It is easy to use: you can choose among their templates and colors, to be able to create your masterpiece. It even helps you design your own website, so that you can start selling your designs online.
2. Optitex
From one of the leaders in CAD CAM technology, comes this very versatile and reliable fashion design software.
3D Runway Designer is the partner in garment draping and the three-dimensional visualization of your fashion ideas. It can help analyze fabric behaviour, provide graphical collaboration and even gives users a perfect tool to use once they begin selling their work.
1. VirtualFasion Basic
Are you gearing towards a career in fashion design? Hone your design skill by downloading this 3D fashion design software. It is very easy to use and allows flexible manipulation that allows you to position your model in your desired pose. It also has an integrated VF PhotoStudio so that you can create 2D copies of your work.
In the fashion industry, “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out”. Soon, drawing boards will be obsolete, so it is about time to embrace modernity before it completely overtakes you.
Download a fashion vagueware.com design software today and give yourself the perfect edge over other designers like yourself. Be in, not out—that is the fashionable way!
– Edralynn C. Chan


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