• Etisalat Easy Starter

    etisalat’s easystarter helps keep families and friends connected across Nigeria. its unique family & friends feature (you & me ) helps you stay in touch with all your loved ones. if you run out of airtime, you can still make calls with our receiver pays service, as well as great-value rates. easystarter has no charges or subscription fees.

    you & me, free weekly data, receiver pays.
    • you & me feature
      you & me gives you ₦300 free for a week to call five etisalat numbers when you recharge ₦200 or you get ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 for a week.
    • free weekly data
      get 10MB every week to browse upon recharge of ₦100.
    • receiver pays
      this service allows you make calls when you don’t have airtime while your receiver pays for the calls.
    subscription details
    for easystarter: dial 200 and press 1 on a new etisalat sim or switch from an existing line by dialing *244*2#.
    for you & me:

    • register a you & me number by dialing *233*1*[etisalat number]#.
    • to remove a you & me number, dial *233*2*[etisalat number]#.
    • to find out the you & me numbers on your list, dial *233#.
    • when you recharge ₦200, you’ll get ₦300 free credit to call these numbers.
    for receiver pays:

    dial 268 before the number you wish to call.

    to get free weekly browsing, simply recharge ₦100.

    pricing and tariff
    click the link below to find out about our competitive pricing options.
    • easystarter default tariff drops by half, from 40k/sec to 20k/sec to all networks if you use up to ₦25 a day.
    • you & me gives you ₦300 a week to call five special numbers when you recharge ₦200. you also get ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 a week.
    • free browsing: 10MB free every week with a minimum recharge of ₦100.
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