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Downloading and Redirecting From the Same Link

Yesterday, I was asked if it would be easy to make a script that starts a download and then redirects the browser to a different web page.
What I came up with is in two parts: An HTML <meta...> page refresh tag to do the download. And JavaScript to do the redirect.
To implement, simply link to a web page of this type:
<html> <head> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; URL=/"> <!-- The number of seconds can be changed to any integer, including zero, by changing the number between the quotation mark and the semi-colon following content= The URL can be changed to any URL that initiates the downloading process. --> </head> <body> <p> Two seconds after the page finishes loading, will begin downloading. (This is done with the <meta...> tag in the head area. See notes in the source code about changing URL and timing.) </p&g…

Auto-resize Iframe when Content Size Changes

Auto-resize Iframe when Content Size Changes An iframe is a section of a web page where the content of another web page can be published. It's done with an HTML iframe tag.
This article describes how to resize the height of an iframe automatically — whenever the content of the web page being published within the iframe changes. (Resizing the width can be accomplished by substituting each word "height" with "width", maintaining the letter case.)
Of course, it's fairly simple to adjust the height of an iframe when the content first loads. (I'll show you how to do that, too.) But if the content in the iframe changes, the iframe size may need to be adjusted further.
A common use of an iframe is to present a form, so a page reload is unnecessary when the form submits. After the form is submitted, a thank-you page is displayed within the iframe.
The thank-you page generally is a different size, however, and either puts scrollbars into t…

Pagination Script and Tutorial for PHP MySQL Programmers Paging Results

By Adams:

Hello fellow php coders This is a pagination script and tutorial created custom for educational purposes. Spread it around to people asking about how to page out database result sets. We are using PHP, MySQL, CSS, and HTML. Very simple and jQuery Ajax could be applied to make the page changing not require refreshing of the page.

This script is accompanied by this in depth VIDEO TUTORIAL:

First here is what this script will render in a browser:

Total Items: 381 Page6of 39            Back45678Next Alexander United States of America
PedaDunkPamma United States of America
lathiful Indonesia
seyf Tunisia
John Canada
mike United States of America
Kenneth Norway
Daniel United States of America
Dave United States of America
Gorge United States of America
Page6of 39          Back45678Next
Below is the PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS code that renders the output above.

You have to put your mysql connection data, and alter the SQL queries(both queri…

Graphic Pics, See What They Did To Car Thieves In PH

They were caught trying to steal a Venza outside FCMB Rumumasi in Portharcourt. More photos:

Meet the Nigerian Murder Suspect who Prefers to Live his Life in Prison (Photo)

Cross Rivers State Police command has arrested a suspected serial killer, Cyril Ojang Etim, 25, who had been wanted by the police over series of
unexplained deaths in the state.
He was picked by detectives attached to the state Criminal Investigation Department days after he allegedly beheaded one Ubong Asuquo who
caught him stealing N4000 from his house at old Netim, Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State.
In the course of investigation, it was discovered that he was also responsible for the death of his ex-lover, Esther. He admitted to have killed her when he discovered that Esther, who was two months
pregnant, had an abortion. On his arrest, the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Henry Fadairo told Saturday Sun that he had received several reports of the activities of Etim
especially from relatives of victims that were either raped or murdered.
He explained that the manhunt was intensified when it was confirmed that the suspect beheaded his colleague, one Ub…

Former Pres. Jonathan’s body guards posted out of the Presidential Villa

After months of not knowing their fate, the Department of State Services personnel who served as Body Guards to President Goodluck Jonathan have been posted out of the Villa to various state commands.
Reliable sources at the Presidential Villa said that the signal for the posting of the over 150 body guards who had remained redundant following the directive by the ADC to President Buhari that they should leave the presidential villa came
It would be recalled that following the swearing in of President Buhari, personnel of the Department of State Services who had traditionally served as Body Guards to the president were ordered to leave the Villa on the
instructions of the ADC to the president.
According to the source while a few of the DSS personnel were posted to the headquarters of the DSS, most of them were posted to various state commands of the service. The source said: “Almost all of our personnel who were body guards in the villa have been transferred …

How to Troubleshoot Firefox

Many problems with Firefox are caused by faulty extensions or themes, incorrect settings, or corrupt files. If Firefox does not work properly (or not at all), don't panic! This step-by-step guide will help you troubleshoot problems with Firefox.
Ad Method 1 of 7: Restart Firefox 1 Open the "File" menu, or Firefox Menu then select "Quit Firefox" (do not use the close button on the upper-right corner of the window). If Firefox continues to work improperly, repeat this step and restart your computer. Ad Ad Method 2 of 7: Clear Firefox Cache 1 Many problems with loading web pages can be resolved by clearing Firefox's cookies and cache. Open the "Tools" menu, then select "Clear Private Data". Select the following items, then click "Clear Private Data Now": Download HistoryCacheCookies Ad Method 3 of 7: Use Firefox's Safe Mode 1 Sometimes add-ons for Firefox (extensions or themes) can cause problems. Safe Mode runs Firefox wi…

Two TV journalists shot dead during live TV report in US

Two TV journalists shot dead during live TV report in USTwo television journalists were shot and killed in Virginia on Wednesday morning while conducting a live television interview, their station, WDBJ7 said.
During the live broadcast, shots and the reporter’s screams could be heard, and the camera fell to the ground.The incident occurred during a live broadcast in Bedford County, when shots could be heard, sending the reporter and her source screaming and ducking for cover. The station said that journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward died in the incident.
Media reports said Parker and Ward were filming a feature segment for the morning news programme at Bridgewater Plaza, a shopping and recreation plaza.
“We do not know the motive, we do not know who the killer is,” Jeff Marks, the station’s General Manager, said on air.

In Spain, Entire Villages Are Up For Sale — And They’re Going Cheap

A jolly trombone player prances through a crowd of revelers in Cantalejo, a small town about 1 1/2 hours’ drive north of Madrid. But the hubbub is deceiving — because hardly anyone actually lives here. People come one week a year to party in the villages of their ancestors. During the other 51 weeks, towns like this are
deserted. “There was a time when this place was growing! But not anymore. This pueblo is dying,” says Felix Sacristan, who’s 55 and unemployed, living in his late grandfather’s house. “The only ones left are the elderly. There are lots of abandoned homes.”
Like much of Spain’s central meseta table plateau, this land is dusty and the climate is severe. People joke it’s like nine months of winter and three months of fiery hell.
“This land used to be for cereals, but it’s difficult to grow anything else,” Sacristan says. “And who wants to be a farmer these days now, anyway?”
In northern Europe, the Industrial Revolution pulled people to big cities cent…

Mother and daughter splash out £56,000 on surgery to look like Katie Price

A mother allowed her daughter to leave school and become a stripper at the age of 17 so she could pay for more than £56,000 of plastic surgery for them both.
Georgina Clarke, 38, and her daughter Kayla Morris, 20, from Rugby, have had multiple operations in a bid to look more like model Katie Price – all funded by
Miss Morris.
Ms Clarke, who claims to be ‘addicted’ to Botox, says she is happy for her daughter to strip to fund the surgeries and was also supportive when she picked up a 50-something sugar daddy at 18.’When Kayla told me that she wanted a boob job and plastic surgery, I was glad because I wanted her to be that kind of person,’ explains the 38-year-old.’I’m so lucky to have a daughter like Kayla who pays for my treatments. I don’t mind her having a sugar daddy or stripping to pay for our cosmetic work because we’re living the dream.
‘I’m really proud of her.’
Currently, the pair spend £5,000 a year on tanning beds and have had lip injections, botox, cheek fi…

Heartbroken girl, 12, hanged herself after losing her mother to breast cancer

A 12-year-old schoolgirl whose mother died of breast cancer killed herself after posting self-harm pictures on Instagram, an inquest has heard. Isabel Ann Richardson, from Norwich, was struggling with feelings she was ‘worthless’ and ’empty’ after losing her mother Karina to the disease in 2010.
But despite speaking to a school nurse at Hewett School, she was overcome by her sadness and on May 12, discovered hanging in her bedroom by her father. Earlier that evening, Isabel’s father Stephen Richardson was called by her brother about distressing images she had posted online. Entering her bedroom to check on her, he found her hanging and she was rushed to hospital. She died six days later. The inquest at Norfolk Coroner’s Court heard Isabel had told her father about the self harming five weeks prior to her death. After he was informed, the two began speaking to a school nurse and were referred to bereavement service Nelson’s Journey. Isabel was also due to speak to a youth…

how to fix a bad video file .mkv

Meteorite Project is DivFix++ like program but for Matroska/MKV files.
It can repair your corrupted MKV video files to make it compatible with your player.
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