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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Search with Google

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Sometimes finding the right answers can change your life. Watch these videos and find out how.

Airtel and Google Present: New Dad

What will you search for ?

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Search Tips

Tip 1:
Have a question? Find the answer with Google Search Just type your question directly into the Google Search box For example, "30 minute recipe", "latest hair styles" or "football scores"

Tip 2:
Be inspired and informed to pursue your dreams The possibilities are endless and the answers are right there For example, search for "how to start a business", "how to raise funds" or "tips for writing a CV"

Tip 3:
Do quick calculations and conversions and receive instant results Find the exact information you need in seconds For example, search for "naira to dollars", "divide 789 by 33" or "what time is it in London"

Tip 4:
Don't worry about typing mistakes Even if you spell something wrong, Google Search can help. Just type in what you know.
For example "new movis" will show results for "new movies"

For more tips and information visit the Google Inside Search page.


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