• prize for innovation

    in our bid to grow and nurture talents, etisalat sponsors the etisalat prize for innovation awards.
    the prize is awarded in 2 categories
    the most innovative product or service launched in the last 12 months
    the most innovative idea for driving mobile broadband use in nigeria (SME or Individual).


    • entry is open to the nigerian mobile broadband community. this includes SME’s and individuals developing innovative mobile broadband solutions.

    entry submission:

    • click here to submit an entry.

    entry is open to:

    • handset and/or device manufacturers and customers:
      - dongles & modems.
      - embedded devices.
      - tablets & eReaders.
    • apps developers and other software service providers making use of mobile broadband capability.
    • content developers

    note on the commercial product/service:

    • the product or service submitted must have been launched and commercially available within 12 months, prior to the closing deadline of the prize.
    • supporting evidence must be provided for launch and quoted commercial figures including details of locations or regions where the service is available.
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