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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

4 Steps to increase Your Netbook Speed


First and foremost, make sure you keep in mind that netbook isn't very efficient when it comes to computing speed. Netbook is built to have lower spec and computer parts in order that it won't use up too much of battery power. As a result please do not put too much of expectations on the netbook. Anyway you will still can follow some tips to allow your netbook runs smoothly. What Make Netbook Gets Slowerand the ways to Overcome it. Allow me to reveal to you several causes the reason why your netbook becomes slow and also what you can do to fix them.

The Causes and Solutions

Cause #1: Startup Program. What most people will do is they allow lots of softwares launch automatcially at the time of windows startup. You may feel nothing if you use a higher speed laptop. Netbook is completely different as it has lower resources to deal with all the software at the same time. It is because your netbook must always use it's processing power to load the startup software right before it can take care of your commands. This could reduce the speed of your netbook thus making you feel it is slow. What you can do is
Please prevent the auto-startup or similar options through the installation wizard. You could stop the startup function by limiting it within the installation process. If you cannot locate the option in the course of installation process, it's possible to check out the program's settings and disable the startup function. Another way you can test is using MSCONFIG. Go to START->RUN and type "msconfig" select the frustrating startup programs and disable it.
Cause #2: Antivirus Security Software. Lots of people do not install any antivirus or security software to their netbook They should not behave like this as the Internet isn't as safe as we believe it is. The Online World turns into the primary channel for lots of viruses and trojans to spread themselves. One of the primary syndromes which shows your netbook is affected by viruses is it turns into incredibly slow. So my suggestion is
First and foremost, you should add a great antivirus software in your netbook for comprehensive security to protect against viruses and trojans.. You should be careful and pick the suitable antivirus software simply because they could be too heavy for your netbook and slow it down.
Go and give a shot on Norton products, They offer the top antivirus software worldwide now.
Cause #3: Never close down those unnecessary programs.I wish to give a tip to you that you must begin using your netbook slightly different. The reason is , it is not the same as your laptop and desktop. Its computer specification is lower and slower compare to laptop. A strategy to adhere if you need to close and turn off those program that you do not need anymore. Minimized programs remains using up your netbook resources. This is why your netbook becomes slower as more programs you open and minimize it.
Cause #4: Using the wrong software on netbook. The key objective of a netbook is for people to access the Internet and do a little paper works. This is exactly why netbook isn't ideal for complex and professional software. This is exactly why you need to use a netbook in accordance with its standards. The result is, netbook would have more resources to handle your instructions..
If you're ready, you can even think about installing linux in your netbook. Linux is running well with netbook as it uses significantly less resources compare with other OS
If you need a laptop which is faster, then laptop is the next option. Typically, laptop has larger resources, proccessingability, memory compare with netbook. Anyway, things has its pros and cons so is a laptop. Read my article titled Netbook VS laptop for more information on pros and cons for netbook and laptop. Find out what is the difference between a netbook and a laptop.


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