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switch to etisalat

switch to etisalat with your mobile number and get access to the best call rates and the fastest data speed in Nigeria.

benefits you get to switch your network provider and keep your mobile number. choose from a bouquet of products and services the best plan that suits your lifestyle. details excellent quality of service and customer care.fantastic call rates to all networks.super-fast data speed.special roaming offers for frequent travellers. get even more with our ‘going the extra mile’ (GEM) reward scheme.

subscription details switching to etisalat is quick and easy. simply click here or visit any of our experience centres with the following requirements and it is as easy as ABC. details
1 passport photograph.a valid form of identification, such as your Nigerian national identity card, passport or driving license.fill out a port-in request form.text "PORT" to will receive a text acknowledging your port-in request & another text saying that your port-in reques…

Etisalat International roaming service

stay in touch with family and friends while abroad with the best roaming rates & offers in over 160 countries worldwide.

roaming offers we have an array of roaming offers with the best rates covering the top travel destinations.      find out more     
prepaid roaming prepaid customers can make and receive calls and SMS in over 80 countries and counting.
details prepaid roaming - voice
no roaming activation required. all prepaid customers on etisalat can roam in these countries.prepaid roaming - data
prepaid data roaming enables all new and existing prepaid subscribers (excluding “enuf yarn”) enjoy affordable and uninterrupted access to emails, chats, blackberry services, internet browsing, audio and video streaming with their Blackberry device or any internet enabled phones while roaming abroad in any of our prepaid data roaming destinations.

prepaid roaming faq
postpaid roaming postpaid roaming - postpaid customers on etisalat can browse, make & receive calls in over 300…

recharge your etisalat line without the hassle of PINs and recharge numbers

e-top up recharge your etisalat line without the hassle of PINs and recharge numbers with our e-top up service. no more scratching off numbers. no more cards. no more long PINs. recharge anytime, anywhere with electronic airtime or data and get a 10% bonus for all amounts over N200.

benefits etisalat e-top up is convenient.
enjoy free 10% bonus for all e-top up recharges of N200 or more.     buy airtime    
details airtime is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.enter amounts between N50 and N50,000. you’re no longer restricted to specific amounts.send airtime directly to friends, family and colleagues.

subscription details get e-top up at local shops and airtime vendors
ATM machines. details Buy e-top up here.

get e-top up at:
point-of-sale (POS) all etisalat partner …

Etisalat GEM loyalty

GEM means "going the extra mile". it's our loyalty reward program to thank our dedicated customers. GEM benefitsGEM categoriesGEM exclusive faqs GEM benefits GEM has an exciting mix of rewards including free devices, exclusive events, complimentary calls, data and a lot more. details here are just a few:
up to 20% discount on holidays to the UAE when you fly with Etihad Airways. See GEM rewards below for qualification and booking latest smartphone and other devices.VIP invitation to exclusive incoming calls when movie ticketscomplimentary calls and SMS on your birthday ...and lots more.
all you have to do to qualify for rewards on GEM is spend at least ₦10,000 every month for 12 months on your etisalat line. GEM rewards click details below to see a full list of GEM rewards per category. details spend between ₦10,000 and ₦29,999* a m…

etisalat corporate website map listings

Etisalat Career

starting or furthering your career? etisalat offers you a world class environment to fulfill your career aspirations. to check and apply for a vacancy with etisalat, simply visit:

lagos photo festival

the lagos photo festival is the first and only annual international arts festival of photography in Nigeria.
about it is an educative platform that serves as a medium of expression to educate and engage the general public by telling the stories of Africa using photographs displayed in public spaces. details the festival is organized by the african artists foundation (AAF) and it features series of activities such as exhibitions, workshops and the etisalat photography competition which showcases entries from photographers and rewards the winning entries with prizes.

for more details of the competition and event, download lagosphoto14 app from google playstore.

nigerian idol

nigerian idol is an extension of the global idol franchise, which is the biggest and best music reality show in the world, enjoying the number-one-spot popularity rating in over 40 countries around the world, including Germany, Turkey, Australia, Poland, USA, Sweden, France and Belgium.
nigerian idol season V in 2010, etisalat Nigeria committed to the sponsorship of nigerian idol thus giving music lovers access to good entertainment and television content, while providing a platform for talented nigerians to express themselves through music. details
how to vote:

send SMS from any etisalat line or any network to vote every week.text the short code of your favourite contestant to 33680 (text cost 50 naira only).

market access nigeria

the market access Nigeria is a platform that brings together small and growing businesses (SGBS) and large companies to network, start relationships and create opportunities to buy goods and services of the SGBS.

about the platform is facilitated by a strategic partnership with the enterprise development centre (EDC) of the pan-african university. details the goal is to facilitate market access for small and growing businesses by keying them into the value chain of large organizations.

market access Nigeria holds at various locations in Nigeria each year.

governor’s cup lagos tennis tournament

the governor’s cup lagos tennis tournament (GCLT) is the longest running international tennis federation (ITF) tournament in Nigeria.

governor’s cup lagos tennis tournament the tournament showcases players from over 40 coutries spread across all continents (Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania). details GCLT is a part of the ITF pro circuit run by the international tennis federation (ITF) aimed at providing a platform for budding professional players who are ready to move into the ATP/WTA tours.

it also offers valuable WTA tour ranking points for the participants to move up the international tennis ladder.

prize for innovation

in our bid to grow and nurture talents, etisalat sponsors the etisalat prize for innovation awards. about about the prize is awarded in 2 categories the most innovative product or service launched in the last 12 months
the most innovative idea for driving mobile broadband use in nigeria (SME or Individual). details

entry is open to the nigerian mobile broadband community. this includes SME’s and individuals developing innovative mobile broadband solutions.

entry submission:

click here to submit an entry.

entry is open to:

handset and/or device manufacturers and customers:
- dongles & modems.
- embedded devices.
- tablets & eReaders. apps developers and other software service providers making use of mobile broadband capability.content developers

note on the commercial p…

etisalat concert sponsorship

music concerts etisalat concert sponsorship is aimed at inspiring high quality growth in the creative industries, delighting customers and celebrating great music talents on both the local and international scene.

etisalat music concerts the concerts have featured artistes such as ice prince, olamide, dare art alade, chris brown, mary j blige, kelly rowland, etc. details it also includes the cloud 9 series which features creative fusions and collaborations of artists from various music backgrounds and genres such as mike okri, niyola, bright chimezie, pantoranking, etc.

etisalat barcelona partnership

FC barcelona is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in football globally having won several european championships. the etisalat group signed a four-year partnership agreement in 2009 with FC barcelona as "official telecom partner"; this was extended to Nigeria in 2011.

about in february 2013, the etisalat group renewed the partnership with FC barcelona for another four years. the partnership accords etisalat the rights to sole association with FC barcelona as official telecom partner in Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Niger, Gabon and Central Africa Republic. details etisalat is the fastest growing telecoms company in Nigeria, challenging the norm and doing things differently.these attributes which are intrinsic to etisalat have been further demonstrated in the partnership with FC barcelona.this partnership symbolizes excellence which the two brands are…

CSR reports by Etisalat

environment platform by etisalat

eco-SIM cards as part of our efforts in providing eco-friendly as well as sustainable products and services, we have partnered with oberthur to make available innovative SIM packs called eco SIMs. the cards successfully cut in half the amount of plastic waste used for the production of a SIM card. they are manufactured with 50% less plastic, and the environmental footprint of this SIM card is half of that generated by the classic SIM card, from 16g of C02 to 8g of C02 generated per card. this is because the new format uses half the quantity of plastic for production, thus reducing waste generation. beyond our eco-friendly products and services, we are partnering with reputable institutions, organizations as well as government bodies in driving our environment-friendly green initiatives. our partnership efforts are generally geared towards mitigating the effects of climate change as well as ensuring a sustainable environment. alignment with international standards at e…

health platform by etisalat

fight malaria initiative with about 250 million malaria cases and nearly one million deaths which put about 3.3 billion people (half of the world's population) at risk of malaria, our focus on the health platform is aimed at reducing the malaria scourge through the fight malaria initiative. this is a two – pronged approach education and active action, adopted to actively combat the disease which is one of the most rampant killers of Nigerians and a detriment to the growth of the Nigerian economy. over ten thousand insecticide-treated nets have been distributed to local government areas and secondary schools, in different communities in the northern part of Nigeria. the schools in which the insecticide treated nets are distributed have instituted in them ‘student leaders against malaria’ (SLAM) clubs. this initiative was piloted in kano state, in partnership with the malaria foundation international (MFI), and its Nigerian affiliate, the society for youth awarene…

etisalat telecommunications engineering postgraduate programme (ETEPP)

the etisalat telecommunications engineering postgraduate programme is a flagship corporate & social responsibility (CSR) initiative of etisalat Nigeria, launched on the 16th of May 2013. the program, a first of its kind in West Africa, is a one-year taught master’s course in telecommunications engineering located in ahmadu bello university (ABU) zaria. in instituting this, we have collaborated with plymouth university UK, etisalat academy, UAE; and huawei technologies. to ensure a holistic and practical learning experience, huawei provided the equipment in the etisalat sponsored laboratory, and the etisalat academy, UAE and plymouth university are providing tutelage on technical courses specific to the telecommunications sector. our commitment includes the provision of access to world class e-resources for the programme, sponsorship of lecturers of ABU to undertake PHDs at plymouth university, and facilitation of internships with etisalat Nigeria …

Etisalat vision

vision our vision is to be the leading and most admired telecoms company in nigeria. mission our mission is to extend people's reach by developing advanced networks that support people and allow them to develop, learn and grow.

corporate information

etisalat is Nigeria’s most innovative telecoms network. we began trading in october 2008 with the groundbreaking “0809uchoose” campaign. for the very first time, our mobile phone customers could choose numbers special to them to create their own phone number. this tradition of customer-focused innovation continues today, with a growing customer base of more than 21 million.
our core values are teamwork, integrity, passion for excellence and empowering and growing people; and we hold true to these while we offer a world-class telecommunications service. on 26th september 2011, etisalat launched its 3.75G HSPA+ network in Nigeria. from then on, our customers enjoyed super-fast broadband services for both personal and business use. this has led to unprecedented growth in the Nigerian telecoms industry.

BlackBerry plans

subscribe to any of our blackberry plans and enjoy the superfast speed etisalat offers. what’s more, you even get an option to call at 20k/sec just by buying any of our voice plans. details blackberry planplan data price(₦)*voice
USSDnon-voice SMS to 399 blackberry 10 lite with unlimited BBM® monthly 260MB 1000*599*2# MLITE weekly 70MB 350*599*2*1# WLITE daily 10MB 70*599*2*2# DLITE blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM® monthly 500MB 1500*599*3# MMID weekly 125MB550*599*3*1# WMID daily 15MB100*599*3*2# DMID blackberry 10 max with unlimited BBM® monthly 1536MB 3000*599*4# MMAX weekly 360MB1100*599*8# WMAX daily 50MB200*599*7# DMAX  blackberry planplan duration *voice opt-innon-voice opt-in price (₦) blackberry absolute monthly *499*1# *399*1# 1500weekly*499*6#*399*6#550daily*499*5#*399*5#100monthly 2 for 1 promo*369*2# *369*3# 1500blackberry complete monthly*499*3#SMS COM to 3991000weekly *499*3*1# SMS COW to 399 500daily *499*3*2# SMS COD to 399 100monthly 2 for 1 promo *36…

smartphone plans

subscribe to any of these easyblaze data plans and enjoy calls at 20 kobo per sec to any network with no access fee. details smartphone plansplansmonthly cost(N)activation code
(sms to 8183)activtion code
(USSD)3GB4,000smartc*229*2*44#5GB6,500smartd*229*2*33#8GB8,000smarte*229*2*55# each plan comes with an automatic bonus of 30% extra data. you will also enjoy automatic renewal (auto-renewal) of your plan, provided you have enough airtime to purchase the same plan. unused data will be rolled over during auto-renewal, or if another data plan is purchased before the current plan expires.
get the codes via sms: text "help" to 229.
to opt out dial *229*0#. call charges will revert to 40k/sec upon expiry of the data plan.

Etisalat smartpaks

enjoy unlimited access to your favourite apps with smartpaks. whether you want to chat, get social, watch movies or live sports, our all-day or all-week access app bundles give you the freedom to choose.
benefits you never run out of data with smartpaks (see our fair usage policy).with hourly, daily and weekly plans, there are paks to fit every pocket and every lifestyle.details choose a pak to suit your lifestyle:
the chat pak gives you access to instant messaging apps, such as whatsapp, wechat, facebook messenger, 2go, line and kakao. the video pak offers two uninterrupted hours of video streaming. enough time to enjoy a live football match, catch a movie, or chill out with youtube.use the social me pak to stay connected to facebook, twitter, instagram and bbm. you don’t need to change your phone to a more expensive model; the chat pak works well with an app-enabled basic device such as the nokia asha and tecno t635. …

Learn How To Make A Slow Computer Run Faster

4 Great tips to make your computer run faster Figuring out how to make a slow computer run faster is a real challenge. The main problem is that the computer can run so slow, that implementing some of the most commonly suggested methods of computer speedup is going to take a very, very long time. Those with truly snail-slow computers feel left out of the loop when experts start talking about all the great ways they can speed up their computers and they realize that doing any of those steps is going to take about a week at the rate by which their computer is running. It can seem like nobody really understands the dilemma, but I do, so read on.

Forget Downloads and Work Internally
Some tell you to download a bunch of software that is supposed to make slow computers run faster, but this can be a very painful process. With inching download speeds, it could be a long time before that download completes, if ever! This is not even considering the time it will take to then instal…

How To Manually Remove Computer Viruses Without Antivirus Software

Do I Have a Virus? My Computer is Acting Weird! If your computer is acting weird—displaying pop-ups from programs you've never heard of, showing your desktop icons running away from your computer mouse, or suddenly running terribly slow—your computer may be infected. These behaviors are more often than not a sign that a computer virus, worm, or other malicious software has managed to sneak past your firewall and anti-virus program.
You should definitely run a virus scan on your computer to see if the virus or worm can be detected; nevertheless, as my own experience shows, malicious software can hide from even a well-known anti-virus program. You may end up having to manually search for the invading software and remove it yourself, if you are trying to avoid a system restore, and this article will show you how to do that. Neither malicious software nor anti-virus programs are created equal. In fact, this past August I was attacked by one of the most vicious Trojan ho…