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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

CAdroid – Import Certificates

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CAdroid – Import Certificates

Importing a self-signed certificate to your Android device to ensure secure connections can be a pain when you need to do it manually. CAdroid greatly simplifies this workflow: Type your server address, fetch and view your certificate and then let CAdroid export it to the correct format that Android needs. CAdroid saves it to your root folder. After that you can simply import the certificate to Androids trusted credential storage.CAdroid makes it possible to use the certificate system-wide for all apps (i.e. Android email app, synchronization apps, etc).
CAdroid was primarily developed to enhance our open source CalDAV/CardDAV sync app DAVdroid since many users complained that importing self signed certs was (too) difficult for them.
CAdroid itself is open source, too, of course! See http://cadroid.bitfire.at/
Please note: In this version CAdroid works with self-signed certificates (stand-alone or own CA).


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